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HLAE - HYGIENIC DESIGN PLANETARY GEARBOXES gemäß The unique planetary gearbox in a certified hygienic design ‒ ideal for safe and hygienic processes in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. conformemente alla certificazione

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Hygienic Design Our HLAE gearbox is not just a stainless steel gearbox. The HLAE series is the consistent response to the hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Not only is the material used crucial; the geometry and design are as well. The most basic requirement for machines and components in the pharmaceutical and food industries is that they leave no room for contamination. Pockets of dirt or biofilms containing germs and bacteria can form on edges, in corners and dead spaces. The hygienic design of the HLAE gearbox...

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Food processing industry Perfect functionality, residue-free cleaning of your food or beverage equipment - whether you are processing, dispensing, cutting, positioning or packaging. The HLAE series keeps your processes running and can be quickly cleaned and disinfected after the work is done. Typical applications:  Filling systems and dispensing equipment  Slicers  Form and fill equipment  Mechanical conveyors  Mixers and agitators … and all applications where the Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) process is used. Pharmaceutical industry The most demanding...

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes It's the details that count … Protection class IP69K Output shaft Highest protection class for unrestricted cleaning by means of the CIP process. Output shaft with feather key or smooth output shaft. Rotary shaft seal with no dead spaces PTFE radial shaft seal ‒ certified by the FDA Long centering flange Centering is thus easy and hygienic for different wall thicknesses. Electropolished surface The outer casing of the HLAE is made of the highest quality 1.4404 (AISI 316L) stainless steel, the surface of which has been electropolished. This ensures an...

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes … also inside Food grade lubrication With H1 approval from the NSF. Halal and kosher. Straight teeth & planetary carrier in disk version The straight teeth impress with their high precision and up to 7 arcmin torsional backlash as well as high power density. With this planetary carrier design, the mass inertia of the gearbox is reduced and the dynamics are therefore significantly increased. O-rings with FDA approval EPDM (standard) Temperature range -50°C to +140°C The typical area of application is wherever high resistance of the seals exposed to hot...

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Two motor mounting options available: The motor is bolted directly to the gearbox via through holes in the motor flange. Large number of different motor adapters available for the gearbox, enabling hygienic and simple adaptation to different motors. An additional adapter, which is bolted to the motor, establishes the hygienic connection to the gearbox. TDF Configure the appropriate motor-gearbox combination for your application with just a few clicks using our Tec Data Finder (TDF) at: Optional seal kit To further ensure a comprehensive...

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes conformemente alla certificazione The HLAE is the world's first planetary gearbox in a hygienic design certified to 3-A RPSCQC standards. 'ye göre The inside of the HLAE is also made with certified materials. The lubricant used is certified to NSF H1, guaranteeing that the product can be used in the food industry without any health risks. In addition, the lubricant also has halal and kosher approval. The materials for the components used in the HLAE, e.g. radial shaft seal and O-rings, are FDA-certified. Products in food processing machines are subject to...

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Technical data Code Gearbox characteristics Food grade lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication) Any Standard backlash Torsional stiffness Standard surface Housing: Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) – electropolished (Ra < 0,8 μm) Running noise(3) Max. bending moment based on the gearbox input flange(4) Output shaft loads Radial force for 20,000 h Moment of inertia Mass moment of inertia(2) Number of stages The ratio-dependent values can be retrieved in Tec Data Finder – Sound pressure level from 1 m, measured on input running at n1=3000...

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Neugart HLAE - 9

Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Technical data Output torques Ratios (i=n1/n2) Number of stages Application specific configuration with NCP – Values for feather key (code “A”): for repeated load

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Technical data Output torques Input speeds Average thermal input speed at T2N and S1 Ratios (i=n1/n2) Number of stages Permitted 1000 times Application-specific speed configurations with NCP – Average thermal input speed at 50% T2N and S1 Emergency stop torque

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Hygienic Design Planetary gearboxes Drawing corresponds to a HLAE070 / 1-stage / output shaft with feather key / 11 mm clamping system / motor adaptation – one part / B5 flange type motor (1) The dimensions vary with the motor/gearbox flange. The input flange dimensions can be retrieved for each specific motor in Tec Data Finder at Geometry(2) Pitch circle diameter output Shaft diameter output Shaft collar output Centering diameter output Housing diameter Housing length Mounting thread x depth Shaft length output Centering depth output Motor shaft diameter j6/k6 Clamping...

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Do you have any questions or require any more information? We will gladly advise you on all topics relating to drive technology. Neugart GmbH Keltenstraße 16 77971 Kippenheim Deutschland Phone: +49 7825 847-0 Fax: +49 7825 847-2999 Email: Web: Neugart USA Corp. 14325 South Lakes Drive Charlotte, NC 28273 USA Phone: +1 980 299-9800 Fax: +1 980 299-9799 Email: Web: Neugart Planetary Gearboxes (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. No.152, 22nd road E&T Development Zone Shenyang, PC 110143 PR China Phone: +86 24 2537-4959 Fax: +86 24...

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