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GRANULATORS Start-Up Lumps, Head Waste, Thick Walled Material, Fibres, Film Blanket Waste and Purgings Film Waste, Hollow and Injection Moulded Parts Heavy duty with versatility: The heavy duty SM series granulators are suitabe for size reduction of all types of materials that can be mechannically cut. Peak performance utilizing minimum space: Solid pieces (thick sheets), start-up pieces (lumps) and light hollow items (crates and containers) are size reduced with a considerable high throughput. Due to compact construction, the LM series can deliver ideal performance at minimum space...

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GRANULATORS FOR PIPES & PROFILES Ergonomically designed Profile granulators of the LP-Series are equipped with a horizontal feed inlet chute to enable direct feed of bar-length profiles thus eliminating the need for precutting, high level feed platforms or pit mounting of the granulator. The NEUE HERBOLD Shredder type HZR 1300 is especially designed for an efficient pre-size reduction of thickwalled impact-resistant pipes with large diameters of up to 1300mm, as well as start-up lumps. In a standard recycling line the HZR is followed by a granulator which grinds the pipes down to a...

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HAMMER MILLS NEUE HERBOLD hammer mills series HM are available for a wide range of applications. With different tool designs for rotor shafts and machine housings the machines can process rigid plastics, electronic scraps, wood and mineral scraps (such as rockwool, glasswool etc.) at high production rates / low energy consumption. Available sizes: Rotor diameters: 450 mm up to 1000 mm Working widths: 300 mm up to 1600 mm Plant for recycling of gas-/cellular concrete scrap NEUE HERBOLD single shaft shredders type HZR are mainly used for the precutting of plastic bales or lumps, wood, straw...

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INTENSIVE WASHERS Complete Solutions from NEUE HERBOLD Mechanical surface cleaning and drying Size reduction, separation and recycling of plastics and other valuable materials is a NEUE HERBOLD’s speciality. In cases of complex and difficult individual demands the NEUE HERBOLD experienced engineering and design departments can assist in the formulation of a solution. The cleaning process separates contamination such as paper or soil. This contaminations are then removed from the machine by an integrated cleaning system. Innovation and experience For the recycling of contaminated or mixed...

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SEPARATION Cascade Sifter The NEUE HERBOLD series cascade sifter is utilized for the separation of various types of materials. Necessary requirements for effective separation are differences in: Pre-wash drum The pre-wash drum type WT cleans the shredded film from heavy contamination like stones, pieces of car tires etc. • Specific density • Particle form • Material surface characteristics • Particle size Pre-wash screw The series ES is especially designed to discharge foreign substances in the material and for moistening of the material with water. The pre-wash screw is mainly used in...

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