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Salsa® System From Coatings, Spreads, Fillings, Nut Pastes and Icings to Rework a Business Field of NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersi

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NETZSCH Food & Confectionery – Your Global Partner Across the globe, NETZSCH provides support for your confectionery mass production projects, from the raw materials all the way through to the finished product. To ensure the success of your investment from the very beginning, we take on the planning and implementation of your new production lines and train your personnel. NETZSCH Food & Confectionery offers Applications support Service Modern solutions Supervision of tests and demonstrations Product development and control Quality Your Advantage is Our Focus Completely closed system Easy...

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Product Development Our modern applications laboratory is always state-of-the-art, fulfills your wishes and gives your ideas free rein. Here you can test new recipes or optimize production of your existing products. Visit us and experience our know-how for yourself. Thanks to the modular design, the plant is laid out in exact accordance with your current needs. Future expansion of the plants is simple. An added advantage: Cleaning is extremely easy, so the formulation can be changed at any time with minimal effort. In addition to standard products such as fillings, compounds, spreads and...

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Your Products – Our Solutions Icings / Compounds An alternative to chocolate coatings. More than 5% of the expensive cocoa butter can be replaced by partially miscible vegetable fat (CBR) or even exchanged for an immiscible vegetable fat (CBS) with a completely different composition. The consistency of the coating becomes softer and more elastic due to the melting characteristics of the fat used. Fillings An important ingredient in many sweets. Here the vegetable fats form the continuous phase in which the other ingredients are embedded. That is why the physical and chemical properties of...

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Salsa® System - 5

Implementation The systems offered by NETZSCHFeinmahltechnik GmbH for the production of chocolate coatings, icings and fillings have a modular design. On the one hand, this modular construction minimizes the required space and, on the other hand, it facilitates production expansion. Shown here is a modular system for icing. Our line concept includes the initial homogenization of the individual components in a mixing tank (1) with a rapidly spinning dispersion tool for product circulation, transfer of the mass to the heatable process tank (2) and the final fine grinding in the MasterRefiner...

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Salsa® System - 6

NETZSCH MasterCream The MasterCream system was developed for flexible and economical processing of basic substances for confectionery products such as nuts and wafers, as well as reprocessing of rework. Whether as a stand-alone machine, integrated into a NETZSCH Salsa®, Rumba®, Mambo® plant or as an extension of your existing production line – the NETZSCH MasterCream is the optimum complement to your production process. Plant Design The pre-ground paste of nuts or rework is transported directly to a process tank for further processing. For short distances between the MasterCream and tank,...

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Salsa® System - 7

Fine Grinding of the Initial Mass The desired end finenesses of chocolate coatings, icings and fillings are usually between 18 μm and 30 μm. Agitator bead mills that guarantee high throughputs are used to achieve these finenesses. The maximum throughput capacity is, of course, affected by the initial particle size of the sugar – in addition to the efficiency of the separator system. With our Samba® pre-grinding system, you save the extra step of pre-grinding the sugar. With the MasterRefiner horizontal agitator bead mill, NETZSCHFeinmahltechnik GmbH offers the optimal wet grinding system...

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Sizes at a Glance Variety of Sizes First, the production capacity of a plant is dependent on the size of the MasterRefiner agitator bead mill employed. Second, it is strongly dependent on the initial fineness of the sugar used. This correlation is shown in the table below. Fine grinding in continuous operation with the MasterRefiner agitator bead mill Mill type Throughput capacity [kg/h] * Granulated sugar < 1.5 mm At an end fineness of 25 µm. End finenesses of < 18 µm are possible with adjusted throughput. Assumes a maximum sugar content of 50% and a fat conte

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Salsa® System - 9

Salsa® 3000 Production Plant 7 Melting station for cocoa butter and cocoa mass Mixing tank Solids feeding system (sugar, milk powder, etc.) Intermediate tank Wet fine grinding follows with our MasterRefiner agitator bead mill Storage tank for final production

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Salsa® System - 10

NETZSCH Food & Confectionery Your Global Partner for Modern Confectionery Mass Production Our Technical Center in Selb/ Bavaria is specifically furnished and equipped and hygienically designed for testing food and confectionery applications. After clarification of the technical details, you can unleash your creativity when it comes to the recipe. Our team in the Applications Laboratory is fully committed to ensuring that the tests lead to the anticipated result. Machines and plants for varied applications and tasks: MasterRefiner 6 – feasibility tests and recipe development MasterConch 300...

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On-site quality control with modern analytical instruments: Mastersizer 3000 for definition of the particle size distribution using laser diffraction Haake Mars II for determination of yield point and viscosity with coaxial cylinder system Spectra Star quantitative determination of ingredients such as sugar, fat and protein using near infrared spectroscopy After every test, a test report is prepared with the machine parameters and analysis results and promptly forwarded to the customer.

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The NETZSCH Group is an owner-managed, international technology company with headquarters in Germany. The Business Units Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps & Systems represent customized solutions at the highest level. More than 3,800 employees in 36 countries and a worldwide sales and service network ensure customer proximity and competent service. Our performance standards are high. We promise our customers Proven Excellence – exceptional performance in everything we do, proven time and again since 1873. NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik | Germany NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik |...

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