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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 1

Proven Excellence. NETZSCH Mill Control Systems Everything under control with real-time monitoring of your process parameters Business Unit GRINDING & DISPERSING

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 2

NETZSCH PLAIN Proven Control with Pushbuttons and Digital display The mill can be operated quite safely by means of robust pushbuttons, rotary switches and selector switches. A frequency inverter allows stepless control of the agitator shaft speed. The essential operating parameters, such as the agitator shaft speed and current power consumption of the machine, are shown on a digital switchable display. The pressure at the product inlet of the mill as well as the product temperature are monitored and displayed by means of a contact manometer and contact thermometer.

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 3

Mill and pump on / off Mill and pump fast / slow Emergency stop Selector switch for switching the digital display from agitator shaft speed to pump speed or current power consumption of the mill Switchable, digital display Agitator shaft speed [min-1] Digital display of the current power consumption [W] of the mill Digital display of the pump speed [1/min] (electromechanically driven pumps only) Barrier fluid display (level*, pressure*) Display of product outlet temperature via contact thermometer* Display of product inlet temperature via thermometer* Display of product pressure via contact...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 4

NETZSCH BASE Functional Monitoring & Vontrol with Pushbuttons, Digital Displ The mill can be operated very intuitively using robust pushbuttons, rotary switches and selector switches. A frequency inverter facilitates continuous regulation of the agitator shaft speed. The essential operating parameters, such as the agitator shaft speed, current power consumption of the machine or the energy input are shown on a digital switchable display. In addition, the control system has a set of fault lights to clearly indicate possible critical operating conditions. The pressure at the product inlet of...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 5

Automatic System: Hardware control Control of frequency inverter with digital signals Operation via pushbuttons Digital displays Error message via signal lamps Digital display of the speed of the agitator shaft [min-1] and the pump [min-1] (only for electromechanically driven pumps) Digital kWh meter to record the energy input [kWh] with temporary display switchover to current power display [kW] Barrier fluid display (fill level*, pressure*) Green signal lamps (mill / pump operation) Red signal lamps to indicate malfunction (flash rate control via mini-PLC) Display of product temperature /...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 6

NETZSCH Iris The professional Concept for Monitoring & Control Based on a 12" color graphic display with multi-touch function, NETZSCH Iris facilitates monitoring and control of the process flow. In addition to intuitive adjustment of the machine's operating parameters, other functions are available, such as batch logging and formulation management, energy consumption estimation, machine availability display, preventive and operational maintenance control, as well as historical data, combined with real production time and trend graphs. An integrated error management system provides guidance...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 7

Features: Monitoring: ■ Simple and self-explanatory menu navigation ■ PLC control ■ Internal Profinet communication via all machine components ■ Operation via 12" multi-touch display ■ Stand-alone PC terminal ■ Operating description in the terminal (Help function) Extended user rights management ■ Multi-language function ■ Monitoring of process values with shut-off / information function ■ MAX product pressure ■ MAX product temperature ■ Process end ■ MIN barrier fluid pressure ■ MAX barrier fluid temperature ■ MIN barrier fluid level ■ "Refill" barrier fluid ■ Display of agitator shaft...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 8

USER INTERFACE FOR SELECTION OF THE PROCESS PARAMETERSMAINTENANCE FUNCTION Control of the main process variables via the menu item "Operation Panel" Display as dashboard or flowchart Trend curve with machine or process parameters: mill speed, mill output, product temperature, product pressure and feed rate ■ Display of preset or customer-specific maintenance intervals, which regularly informs the user about relevant and important maintenance dates ■ Detailed display of the maintenance message for the affected machine components as well as progress bar since last maintenance ■ PLC status...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 9

HISTORY FUNCTION Log list of all past alarms and warnings Ranking of alarms within a defined time period Display of process parameters by means of a process line diagram Display of process values in a dashboard if the machine comes to a standstill due to an error Chronological listing of the last 30 batches and detailed display of the production parameters Availability display for machine utilization incl. maintenance times FORMULATION MANAGEMENT Formulation management for the input of up to 99 formulations, with specific individual machine parameters, depending on the product and...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 10

y Notify Notify is a software-based product with which "real time monitoring" of machine and process variables, i.e. a display in real time, can be realized on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Notify is independent of the operating system of the end device. The basic requirement is an Internet connection and a corresponding connection to the machine via a gateway, accessible via the most common web browsers. This is already available on NETZSCH machines with the state-of-the-art Iris control system. \ MessDat MessDat is a solution for data acquisition from your machine via an Ethernet...

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NETZSCH Mill Control Systems - 11

\ Remote Control \ Remote Maintenance ubergeordnetes System The connection to the higher-level process control system, NETZSCH Remote Control is the optimal solution for controlling and monitoring your production machines. A connection is possible via all common BUS systems (e.g. Ethernet, Profibus). With NETZSCH Remote Maintenance, your machine is prepared for remote maintenance service via the PLC. Following authorization by the customer, a NETZSCH technician can access the PLC of the machine and make necessary changes or analyze and correct existing errors at low cost. ■ Hardware in the...

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