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CASE STUDY YDUTS ESAC Process Technology for Rounding of Graphite NETZSCH GyRho – Efficient and Economical Spheroidization Business Unit GRINDING & DISPERSING

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The system developed by NETZSCH has overcome all the disadvantages of the standard technology and delivers a smart solution for producing spheroidized graphite in an efficient and optimized process. In the first step, flake graphite is micronized to the optimum initial particle size for spheroidization in a classifier mill or fluidized bed jet mill. Particle rounding takes place downstream in the newly designed NETZSCH Rounding Unit GyRho, which is available in various construction sizes and can be specially designed to suit the necessary output requirements. For larger throughput volumes,...

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Feed product: flake graphite Pre-ground product Final product: Spherical Graphite (SG) Technical data of an industrial plant: Capacity: 25,000 t/a Air volume: 120,000 Nm3/h Installed power: 7 MW Filter area: 1,500 m2 Dimension: 60 m x 16 m x 23 m (l x h x w) Graphite Spheroidization Plant with two lines each consisting of a Pre-Grinding Unit CSM and independently working Rounding Units

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NETZSCH – Expertise to improve the overall yield to 85% The NETZSCH Process In the first step, micronization takes place in a proven standard procedure with classifier mills to obtain flake graphite with a defined particle size. The subsequent spheroidization process is conducted batchwise. Since the maximum throughput for micronization is higher than the capacity for spheroidization, a setup to match both throughputs with a certain combination of machines must be found. This combination is defined as a cluster. An example of a typical cluster for standard operation is one grinding mill...

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One step further Additional versatility in the design of the 2-step process is possible, when additional air classifiers are included into the concept. The first improvement is the possibility to process coarser feed material, because commercial Spherical Graphite is not directly produced in the first step. The coarser feed includes less initial fines, which improves the overall yield. The fine product goes directly to the second GyRho Rounding Unit and the process is the same as in the 2-step process described before, a fine SG-fraction and a waste fraction are produced. The main share...

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Several process combinations are possible to achieve overall process optimization and improve yield. In terms of process comparison, it is essential to develop a base case process, which is used to compare different parameters like feedstock or quality. This kind of research can be done in the test lab of NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik in Hanau. In the lab trials, all main quality criteria like particle size distribution, tap density, particle morphology via SEM-Pictures or the specific surface area are analyzed. In summary, process optimization improves the overall yield of Spherical Graphite...

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& The NETZSCH business unit Grinding & Dispersing and Dorfner ANZAPLAN have joined forces to exploit their individual strengths and the wealth of experience of both companies to find an efficient solution for graphite rounding. NETZSCH contributes its competence as an expert for ultra-fine grinding and classifying with a comprehensive experience potential and diverse machine program ranging from laboratory- and production-scale machines to complete production lines. Dorfner ANZAPLAN GmbH is the leading consultancy and engineering company for the technical evaluation of industrial, specialty...

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The NETZSCH Group is an owner-managed, international technology company with headquarters in Germany. The Business Units Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps & Systems represent customized solutions at the highest level. More than 4 600 employees in 36 countries and a worldwide sales and service network ensure customer proximity and competent service. Our performance standards are high. We promise our customers Proven Excellence - exceptional performance in everything we do, proven time and again since 1873. NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik | Germany NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik |...

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