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Series PKL - 1

27 ● For loosening stubborn adhesions in silos, containers and pipes ● Higher impact than conventional impactors ● Low compressed air requirement per stroke ● Silenced EE version with elastomer impact plate ● Versions with self-control ST ● Versions compliant to ATEX or in stainless steel (from PKL 2100) available

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Series PKL - 2

NVNetter Pneumatic Impactors Series PKL Type

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Series PKL - 3

aÉëáÖå=~åÇ=ÑìåÅíáçå ^ééäáÅ~íáçå=~êÉ~ë The ST kit allows a continuous impact sequence with a The impact frequency can be adjusted by a throttle valve built into the supply air. The maximum impact sequence is permanent supply of compressed air. to be observed. aÉëáÖå=~åÇ=ÑìåÅíáçå ^ééäáÅ~íáçå=~êÉ~ë The kit EE is used to generate a silenced impact ("rubber A spacer plate with an impact plate made of elastomer is installed between the impactor and the mounting surface.. hammer effect"). From PKL 2100 upwards, the steel impact plate is replaced by an elastomer plate. The use of the elastomer...

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Series PKL - 4

kÉííÉê=måÉìã~íáÅ=fãé~Åíçêë Series PKL pçìåÇ=éêçíÉÅíáçå=ÜççÇë ^ééäáÅ~íáçå=~êÉ~ë It is worthwhile using soundproof hoods, especially in bunkers with insulating cladding. By attaching the soundproof hoods to the insulating cladding, the sound source (bunker) is completely insulated. ^ééäáÅ~íáçå=~êÉ~ë Vacuum mounts of the VAC series are used for fast attachment to smooth, but also to rough and curved surfaces. They allow quick and easy attachment without welding or screw connections. aÉëáÖå=~åÇ=ÑìåÅíáçå As soon as compressed air is supplied to the VAC, it sucks firmly, thus ensuring a...

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