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INTRODUCTION Every human breathes in roughly 20 to 30 kg of air a day. Particularly in ball rooms, air quality is measurably reduced through pollution by dust particles, electrosmog viruses, bacteria and germs. Those who suffer most are primarily people with respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies or cardiovascular diseases. AREAS OF USE Office and meeting rooms Fitness studios, gymnasiums and sports halls Practice and waiting rooms Classrooms and daycare centers Retail and supermarkets Hotel and Gastronomy Food companies and much more

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Humans, environment, economy Viruses & germs VITAPOINT® series Technical information

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HUMANS ENVIRONMENT ECONOMY Sick days and absenteeism not only place a burden on colleagues, employers and insurance companies, but also have a significant impact on the economy and put a strain on the healthcare system. In addition, the quality of life can be considerably reduced by the intake of medication and a higher health risk from chronic diseases.

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AIR POLLUTION External influences such as fine dust, radiation or stress weaken the immune system and make people more susceptible to allergies and diseases. Due to the increasing air pollution, especially respiratory diseases have increased significantly. CONSEQUENCES Cost burden on the health care system Employer costs in case of illness Economic effects Loss of salary Environmental pollution, global warming Reduced quality of life through continuous income from preventive drugs Higher risks to health (respiratory diseases, cardiovascular issues...) Restriction of risk groups

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VIRUSES & GERMS Viruses are organic structures that can be seen as virus particles, so-called virions, spread and usually have a diameter from 0.015 µm to 0.4 µm. The less oxygen and the more fine dust in the air, the easier it is for viruses and bacteria to spread. In addition, a high dust loan puts a strain on the respiratory tract and can lead to chronic inflammation. DROPLET INFECTION Viruses that settle in the respiratory tract and mucous membranes are mainly absorbed through the ambient air. When we sneeze, cough or speak, these virus particles are released into the air. Tiny droplets...

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FILTER TYPES Filters of filter class F9 and H-14 are used in numerous medical facilities such as laboratories, operating rooms or clean rooms due to their high separation efficiency. Optionally, activated carbon filters can be used as a supplement to eliminate unpleasant odors. FINE-DUST FILTERS Filters particles of 0,3 µm HEPA FILTERS Filters particles of 0,001 µm ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS Filters particles of 0,0001 µm PARTICLE SIZES Viruses are mostly present in the form of colonies alongside other particles. These conglomerates are called germs. The size of most germs falls between 0.4...

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SYMPTOMS Traditionally, the most common cause of sickness is by far diseases of the respiratory system. These manifest themselves with the following symptoms: Dizziness, headaches Stinging eyes, runny nose, rash Itching (skin, nose, eyes) Tiredness Sickness Irritated airways Asthma & shortness of breath Insomnia By 2025 more than Europeans will have to live with some kind of allergy

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THE VITAPOINT ® AIR PURIFIER A healthy air environment contains mainly oxygen, a small amount of CO2 and a minimum of dust and particles such as viruses, bacteria or germs. The air quality can be maintained or restored by the following measures: 1. An effective filtration through coordinated filter stages (e.g. through the use of F9 and H-14 filters) separates almost all particles and germs, including bacteria and viruses, from the air and thus considerably reduces the risk of infection. 2. Sufficient ventilation enriches the air with fresh oxygen and reduces the CO2 content The VITAPOINT®...

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AIR IS LIFE Vitapoint® filters almost all harmful substances and significantly improves air quality, particularly in heavily frequented or polluted rooms. This not only has a positive effect on the health of the individual, but also significantly reduces the burden on the environment and the economy. Risk groups, elderly people and allergy sufferers can continue or rediscover their social and societal life unhindered even in highly polluted environments.

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The VITAPOINT® air purifier extracts the contaminated air near the floor and cleans it through two filter stages. The hygienically clean air is then fed back into the room via a ventilation grille on the top of the unit. The separated particles remain in the filters and are disposed of with them.

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Sensor system for air data Inspection door on the back PCAP touch display for ads and air parameters Hygiene dispenser with motion sensor YOUR ADVANTAGES Lower risk of infection thanks to viruses, germs and bacteria being filtered Increase in work performance and concentration Preference for the respective mode of transport or store Protection of customers and personnal Increased sense of security Wellbeing Increased security at international events Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations OPTIONS Activated carbon filter Plant made of stainless steel (for food-,...

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FILTER Reliable protection when handling viruses is only provided by ventilation systems that are equipped with an appropriate filter stage structure. Among other things, the filter media of category H-14, which are certified according to DIN EN 1822, are also decisive. FILTER LEVEL 2 Cassette filter class H-14: For use in operating theatres, clean rooms, sterilization boxes, exhaust air filtration, nuclear plants FILTER LEVEL 1 Cassette filter class F9: For use in laboratories, nursing rooms, offices, theaters, butcheries, EDV-rooms ADVICE FROM THE VDMA (GERMAN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING...

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EQUIPMENT & STRUCTURE Noise protection Sensor system Control PCAP touch display Hygiene dispenser Filter level 2 H-14 filter Filter level 1 F9 filter HIGHLIGHTS Plug & Play Compact Mobile Adjustable und and energy-saving ventilator Suitable for the food, pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors Room size and air flow adjustment Filter monitoring Measuring of air values Supplements existing ventilation systems* *Most existing ventilation systems are not equipped with a H-14 filter and cannot technically be retrofitted 99,995 % Separation efficiency in accordance with DIN EN 1822

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