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Cartesian Robots

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Following its new vocation as a supplier of integrated solutions for the world of plastics, Negri Bossi, a leader in the sector, has upgraded its range of Cartesian robots to satisfy an ever-increasing number of applications and customers. Integration with the press enables every robot function to be managed, achieving high levels of flexibility while maintaining maximum ease of use. The enhanced robot line, which now allows the company to offer the Cartesian solution for the full range of presses in its catalogue, with more attention given to modular components, has made it possible to...

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Our robots at your service Nuestros robots a su servicio Nos robots à votre servicE The robot control system is integrated in the machine control. This simplifies all of the following operations: • setting work cycles • storing programs on board the machine • supervising robot operation • online maintenance (AMICO) • acquisition of process data. The standard programming interface has a self-learning function which allows the operator to set up the robot in a simple and clear manner, without the need for specific programming knowledge. Press-robot integration simplifies and improves...

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The most suitable sequences for each application can be programmed in complete freedom. In order to adapt to each operator’s needs and specific abilities and habits, the work sequence can be configured using simple programming based on predetermined intuitive sequences, or can be configured from scratch using fully customisable programming for more or less complex work cycles, including the activation of vacuum and/or pincer and/or pneumatic slide activations, trigger pulses and signals to and from the mould, such as extractors and jacks, as well as pick-up head rotation and shifting and...

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Detailed and significant engineering feats combined with accurate restyling have produced a particularly eye-catching family of robots. To make the solution completely flexible and universal, Negri Bossi robots can now be supplied with a Euromap V12 or V67 interface, an option that allows every type of press to be retrofitted. Gracias a una ingeniería profunda y del alto nivel, junto con un cuidadoso restyling, se ha podido obtener una familia de robots especialmente agradables estéticamente. Para hacer de ella una solución completamente flexible y universal el Robot Negri Bossi ahora se...

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Main FEATURES CARACTERÍSTICAS principales CARACTÉRISTIQUES GÉNÉRALES • Axes are coupled by means of a rack and pinion system. • Acoplamiento de los ejes mediante sistema piñón – cremallera. • Accouplements des axes par système à pignon crémaillère. • Racks and guides are induction hardened for longer life. • Cremalleras y guías templadas de inducción para una larga duración. • Transversal axis beams are constructed of extruded steel. The larger robots use electro-welded plates for maximum torsion rigidity. • Vigas de los ejes transversales fabricadas en acero de extrusión en caliente para...

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* The robots conform to the Low Voltage (73/2 3/EEC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC) directives. The electrical panel is mounted directly on the robot in the standard version to minimize floor space requirements. * El robot cumple con las directivas de baja tension (73/23 CEE) ycompatibilidad electromagnetica (89/336 CEE).EI cuadro electrico de potencia se monta en la version estandar en el robot para reducir al minimo el uso de espacio en el suelo. * Le robot est conformeaux directives Basse tension (73/23 CEE) et Compatibility electromagnetique (89/336 CEE) etestfourni avec...

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DISTINCTIVE FEATURES CARACTERÍSTICAS DISTINTIVAS CARACTÉRISTIQUES PROPRES POWER thanks to top-of-the-range brushless motors from leading European manufacturers. HIGH RIGIDITY thanks to reduced clearance in the couplings between bearings and guides and a full steel construction. HIGH SPEED and ACCELERATION thanks to rack and pinion couplings. FLEXIBILITY thanks to the integration of digital axis and press control. PRECISION positioning thanks to digital control of the axes by a networked digital drive. REPEATABILITY of axis positioning on account of high rigidity and the networked drives....

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RIGID, precise AND VERSATILE mechanical system Sistema mecánico RÍGIDO preciso Y VERSÁTIL Système mécanique RIGIDE, PRÉCIS ET UNIVERSEL Mechanical elements have been designed to eliminate vibration on the pick-up head, and provide high torsional rigidity and a long working life. The mechanical structure is based on a main steel beam, a steel beam for the extraction axis adapted to house the pneumatic devices and electrical connections, a simple monostage vertical (S50 & S100) or telescopic (S200-S300-S400-S500) structure and a carriage in anodized aluminium which houses all three robot axis...

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An army of robots designed just for you Un ejército de robots diseñado para ustedes Une kyrielle de robots conçus pour vous Optimized mass distribution combined with accurate acceleration control via digital drives with brushless servomotors allow very high movement speeds to be achieved with extremely accurate positioning so that all kinds of mould insertion problems can be resolved. La distribución de masas optimizada, junto con el control preciso de la aceleración mediante la activación digital combinada con servomotores brushless, ha permitido alcanzar velocidades de traslación muy...

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APPLICATIONS APLICACIONES APPLICATIONS Typical applications include: • Unloading pressed pieces - EXTRACTION • Palletizing / packaging • Differential CUTTING and removal of the SPRUE • Loading inserts into the mould - INSERTION • EXTRACTION with preliminary INSERTION • Any combination of the above. To accelerate mould start-ups and reduce machine stops, the following specialised routines are used for performing recurrent operations: • Palletizing • De-palletizing • Sprue cutting • Multiple sprue channel cutting • Unloading of multiple impressions • Changing moulds • Neutral X-axis for...

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