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CanBio Hydraulic Machine

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Thanks to a completely digital control, it provides high moulding accuracy allowing improved repeatability of the moulded parts. Gracias al control, completamente digital, posee una elevada precisión de moldeo, que determina una notable repetitividad dimensional de la pieza moldeada. Grâce au contrôle complètement numérique, possède une précision de moulage élevée entraînant ainsi une remarquable répétitivité dimensionnelle de la pièce moulée.

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SIMPLE, SILENT AND INEXPENSIVE SIMPLE, SILENCIOSA Y ECONÓMICA SIMPLE, SILENCIEUSE ET ÉCONOMIQUE The engineering design allows an user-friendly IMM operation. Thanks to the new hydraulic system design (digital pumps with direct control of pressure and delivery), capital investment and running costs are kept to a minimum (from 15 to 20% less consumption than the equivalent traditional IMM). La ergonomía y la accesibilidad para el operador están garantizadas por la concepción técnica del proyecto. L’ergonomie et l’accessibilité pour l’opérateur sont assurées par la conception de l’ingénierie...

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SIMPLICITY AND INNOVATION SIMPLICIDAD E INNOVACIÓN SIMPLICITÉ ET INNOVATION Closure and injection assemblies are developed following Negri Bossi’s tradition of simple mechanics. Simplicidad mecánica de los grupos de cierre e inyección desarrollados en la tradición Negri Bossi. Simplicité mécanique des groupes de fermeture et d’injection développés dans la tradition Negri Bossi. Innovative hydraulic system and electronics for your current and future needs in terms of power consumption and performance. Innovación en las instalaciones hidráulica y electrónica para responder a las exigencias...

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CANBUS: WITH DIGITAL YOU CAN Negri Bossi is the only company in the world that has created an innovative range of hydraulic machines with digital communication networks (CANbus) since 1998. These machines provide state-of-the-art performance with maximum simplicity. Ya desde el 1998 Negri Bossi, única empresa en el mundo, produce una innovadora serie de máquinas hidráulicas equipadas, por primera vez, con una red de comunicación digital (CANbus) con prestaciones de vanguardia y de máxima simplicidad. The CANbus system (Controller Area Network) is a control system originally developed by...

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The main features and advantages provided are: Las principales peculiaridades y las consiguientes ventajas son: Les principales particularités et les avantages qui en découlent sont: 1) The use of only one CPU to control the IMM interface, the machine cycle and the remote communication. This reduces the possibility of breakdown (reliability). 1) Empleo de una única CPU para el control de la interface operador y del ciclo máquina, que facilita además la conexión remota. Esto supone una reducción de la probabilidad de rotura (fiabilidad). 1) Utilisation d’une seule CPU pour le contrôle de...

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6) Direct transmission of the switch-over signal from the position or pressure transducer to the variable delivery pump This improves repeatability (repeatability) . 7) Use of magnetostrictive digital and sealed (P56) position transducers with a 2 micron resolution and 10,000 detections/ second of the controlled positions to simultaneously transmit information regarding position, speed and intervention points. This simplifies the system, making it more reliable and increasing IMM repeatability. 8) The availability of the measurements taken by the magnetostrictive position transducers...

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10) Possibility of digital self-diagnosis by the hydraulic and electric system. This increases the availability of information/ feedback on the operator interface to check operation in an easier manner (precision). 11) Availability of the operator interface service function in which complete monitoring is performed to reduce machine down time. 10) Posibilidad de autodiagnóstico digital de toda la instalación hidráulica y eléctrica y, por lo tanto, disponibilidad de mayores informaciones / feedback en el terminal del operador para una fácil comprobación del funcionamiento (precisión). 10)...

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CANBIO HAS “CANVERTED” THE ON-BOARD STANDARDS OF MACHINE EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY AND COMFORT CANBIO: HA “CANBIATO” GLI STANDARD DI EFFICIENZA, AFFIDABILITÀ E COMFORT A BORDO MACCHINA CANBIO: A “CHANGÉ” LES STANDARDS D’EFFICIENCE, FIABILITÉ ET CONFORT AU BORD DE LA MACHINE The mould thickness and closure force adjustment system makes mould adjustment faster and more accurate without the need for intervention by the operator (easy set-up). The injection assembly is equipped with a quick -changing system for the complete plasticising unit. The electric-hydraulic system allows efcient energy...

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The magnetostrictive position transducer makes the machine more reliable and accurate . The transducer is also watertight sealed to assure immunity to oil and water contamination. The IMM control system is based on an industrial PC with control software developed entirely by Negri Bossi on a real time operating system “VX Works” . The operator interface is based on a JAVA platform in order to guarantee compatibility with any type of PC hardware. The automatic tie bar removing system is available as an option to allow higher flexibility during mould changes in difficult conditions, such as a...

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CANBUS SYSTEM CONFIGURACION DEL SYSTEM CANBUS CONFIGURATION DU SYSTEME CANBUS Proportional valve Distribuidor proporcional Distributeur proportionnel

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