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CanBiMat Multi Material machines

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ITALIANO DEUTSCH Pусский MULTI MATERIAL MACHINES canbimat_cop no tasca META.indd 1 5-03-2009 16:31:28

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FLEXIBILITY 6 TIMES OVER SEIS VECES FLEXIBLE SIX FOIS FLEXIBLE Flexibility is provided in terms of number of injection units requested thanks to the CANbus system. The machine can be equipped with up to 6 injection units without having to change its control devices. canbimat_ing-spa-fra META.indd 2 Flexibilidad en términos de número de inyectores gracias al sistema CANbus: la máquina puede estar equipada hasta un máximo de 6 grupos de inyección sin modificar su control. Flexibilité en termes de nombre d’injecteurs grâce au système CANbus : la machine peut être dotée jusqu’à un maximum de 6...

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COMPLETE FREEDOM MÁXIMA LIBERTAD LIBERTÉ MAXIMALE The option of adding injection units to the press in vertical, horizontal, parallel or overlapping positions provides complete freedom in choosing the mould to be used. Upon request by the customer, it is also possible to develop IMMs with any combination of injection unit position. canbimat_ing-spa-fra META.indd 5 La posibilidad de equipar la prensa con grupos de inyección adicionales instalados en posición vertical, horizontal, paralela o superpuesta, permite la máxima libertad en la elección del molde que se desea utilizar. Posibilidad,...

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THE SOLUTION THAT MAKES THE COMPLEX BECOME SIMPLE LA SOLUCIÓN QUE SIMPLIFICA LA COMPLEJIDAD LA SOLUTION QUI SIMPLIFIE LA COMPLEXITÉ With the modularity and reliability of CANBIO and CANBEL IMMs, this solution satisfies the needs for moulding multi-material products. canbimat_ing-spa-fra META.indd 6 Desde la modularidad y fiabilidad de las prensas CANBIO y CANBEL, la solución para satisfacer las exigencias específicas del moldeo de productos manufacturados multimaterial. Dans la modularité et la fiabilité des presses Canbio et Canbel réside la solution pour satisfaire les exigences...

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SIMPLIFIED ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTS CONCEPCIÓN DE INGENIERÍA Y ARQUITECTURA SIMPLIFICADA CONCEPTION INGÉNIERIE ET ARCHITECTURE SIMPLIFIÉES The rotating table available with the machine is controlled by an hydraulic or electric brushless motor, providing improved positioning precision and mode. This also allows the machine to meet the specific needs of the mould being used. canbimat_ing-spa-fra META.indd 9 Mesa giratoria realizada por Negri Bossi, gestionada por motor hidráulico o eléctrico brushless que permite, mayor precisión y libertad de posición de la parte móvil del...

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Important features of Negri Bossi’s rotating tables: Características sobresalientes de las mesas giratorias Negri Bossi: Caractéristiques remarquables des tables rotatives Negri Bossi: Electric or hydraulic drive motor for the table. Motorización de la mesa eléctrica o hidráulica. Motorisation électrique ou hydraulique de la table. Mechanical transmission using gears or belts. Arrastre mecánico por engranajes o por correa dentada. Entraînement mécanique à engrenages ou à courroie dentée. The water and oil hydraulic connections are on the outer diameter of the table in order to make easier...

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CANBUS: WITH DIGITAL YOU CAN Negri Bossi is the only company in the world that, since 1998, has created an innovative range of hydraulic machines with digital communication networks (CANbus). These machines provide state of the art performance with maximum semplicity. Ya desde el 1998 Negri Bossi, única empresa en el mundo, produce una innovadora serie de máquinas hidráulicas equipadas, per primera vez, con una red de comunicación digital (CANbus) con prestaciones de vanguardia de la máxima simplicidad. The CANbus system (Controller Area Network) is a control system, originally developed...

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The main features and advantages provided are: Las principales peculiaridades y las consiguientes ventajas son: Les principales particularités et les avantages qui en découlent sont: 1) The use of only one CPU to control the IMM interface, the machine cycle and the remote communication. This reduces the possibility of breakdown (reliabiliy). 1) Empleo de una única CPU para el control del interface operador y del ciclo de la máquina, que facilita además, la comunicación remota. Esto comporta una reducción de la probabilidad de rotura (fiabilidad). 1) Utilisation d’une seule CPU pour le...

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6) The direct transmission of the switchover signal from position or pressure transducer to the variable delivery pump. This improves repeatability (repeatability). 7) The use of magnetostrictive digital and sealed (P56) position transducers with a 2 micron resolution and 10,000 detections/second of the controlled positions to simultaneously transmit information regarding position, speed and intervention points. This simplifies the system, making it more reliable and increasing IMM repeatability. 8)The availability of the measurements taken by the magnetostrictive position transducers...

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MODELS AVAILABLE VERSIONES DISPONIBLES VERSIONS DISPONIBLES Vertical Injection Units Horizontal Lateral Injection Units From 1 to 4 injection units. 1 injection unit with Euromap classification ranging from 165 to 2920, including plasticising screws with a diameter from 28 to 80 mm. Injection units with Euromap classification ranging from 70 to 400, including plasticising screws with a diameter ranging from 20 to 40 mm. Technical moulding suitable for IMM with clamping forces ranging from 70 to 550 tons. Grupos de inyección en posición vertical De 1 a 4 grupos de inyección. Grupos de...

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Parallel Injection Units in Horizontal Position Overlapped Injection Units From 2 (side by side) to 4 (on 2 levels) injection units. 2 overlapped injection units (one placed in the standard position and an additional one that is sloped in the overlapping position). Euromap classification ranging between 320 and 6700, which can be the same or different amongst them, with plasticising screws from 35 to 100 mm. Technical solution suitable for IMM with clamping forces exceeding 160 tons. Injection units with Euromap classification ranging between 320 and 6700, which can be the same or different...

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