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CanBel Full Electric Machine

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ITALIANO DEUTSCH Pусский FULL ELECTRIC MACHINES Canbel_cop no tasca META.indd 2 5-03-2009 16:34:40

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LOW CONSUMPTION AND RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT BAJOS CONSUMOS Y RESPETO POR EL AMBIENTE FAIBLE CONSOMMATION ET RESPECT DE L’ENVIRONNEMENT The “Full Electric” solution guarantees a significant reduction of electric consumption, even compared to more innovative hydraulic solutions. CanBel ing-spa-fra META.indd 3 La solución “full electric” garantiza una reducción de los consumos eléctricos significativa, también con referencia a las soluciones hidráulicas más innovadoras. La solution “full electric” garantit une réduction significative des consommations électriques même comparativement aux...

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CYCLE TIME REDUCTION REDUCCIÓN DE LOS TIEMPOS DE CICLO RÉDUCTION DES TEMPS DE CYCLE La solución “Full Electric”, gracias a la disponibilidad de superposición completa de todos los movimientos, puede permitir una importante reducción de los tiempos de ciclo. CanBel ing-spa-fra META.indd 5 The “Full Electric” solution can provide a significant reduction in cycle time, thanks to the possibility of overlapping all its movements. La solution “Full Electric”, grâce à la possibilité de la superposition complète de tous les mouvements, peut permettre une importante réduction des temps de cycle....

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The Canbel series uses a control system based on field bus, thanks to the experience acquired with the Canbio range . The mechanical structure of the base and clamping unit also comes from the Canbio series. However, as regards the latest innovations, this series distinguishes itself for its innovative solutions used on the electromechanical actuators for clamping unit and injection assembly . CanBel ing-spa-fra META.indd 7 La serie Canbel, gracias a la experiencia adquirida con la serie Canbio, dispone de una estructura de la instalación de control basada en el Bus de campo. De la serie...

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CANBEL: ELECTRIC AND DIGITAL, LOW CONSUMPTION AND HIGH RELIABILITY CANBEL: ELÉCTRICA Y DIGITAL, BAJOS CONSUMOS Y ALTA FIABILIDAD CANBEL: ÉLECTRIQUE ET NUMÉRIQUE, BASSES CONSOMMATIONS ET FIABILITÉ ÉLEVÉE The Full Electric IMM project was born in 1998 and finalised in 2001. The advantage of having produced hundreds of IMMs with digital control systems every year managed via a network of electronic integrated devices has allowed Negri Bossi to create a truly innovative electric injection moulding machine compared to the solutions offered by other manufacturers. Canbel is the first and only...

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The “Full Electric” solution ensures significant reduction in electric consumption, even compared to the more innovative hydraulic configurations : La solución “full electric” garantiza una reducción significativa de los consumos eléctricos, tambien con referencia a las soluciones hidráulicas más innovadoras: La solution “full electric” garantit une réduction significative des consommations électriques même comparativement aux solutions hydrauliques les plus innovantes : • - 50% compared to conventional hydraulic systems (variable delivery pumps with proportional valves) • - 40% compared to...

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The clamping unit is based on the hydraulic IMM toggles. The necessary changes are made in order to install the electric actuators for the clamp and ejector while platens, tie bars and all other main toggle parts are the same as the hydraulic IMM. Compared to the hydraulic system, the full electric solution improves dynamic performance with reduced opening/ closing times. It also provides perfect speed and actuator force control in the mould safety phase as well as extremely accurate positioning on the settings. The Canbel uses the plasticising unit of the Canbio range. It includes a...

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CANBEL: QUICK AS A FLASH, AND RELIABLE CANBEL: RÁPIDO COMO UN RAYO, Y FIABLE CANBEL: RAPIDE COMME L’ÉCLAIR ET FIABLE IMM in clean working conditions thanks to the absence of hydraulic circuits and to “hidden” lubrication. Operator comfort is maximised by reduced noise levels and machine accessibility. The high capacity on-board PC with a real-time operating system and JAVA platform is another feature offered by IMM. It offers easy and intuitive adjustments (stroke, speed, pressure , temperature, etc.), increased stability, scalability and improved mobility. The IMM control is set-up for...

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CANBUS: WITH DIGITAL YOU CAN The CANbus system (Controller Area Network) is a control system originally developed by Bosch for the automobile industry. A close and exclusive collaboration with Bosch has allowed Negri Bossi to develop hydraulic components suitable for this system and create a range of injection machines that are, for the first time ever, entirely controlled by digital means. Thanks to the experience acquired with the hydraulic injection moulding machine , the same principles were applied to the development of the full electric range. The main features and advantages provided...

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6) Direct transmission of the switchover signal from position or pressure transducer to the motor drive. This improves repeatability (repeatability). 7) Use of magnetostrictive digital and sealed (P56) position transducers with a 2 micron resolution and 10,000 detections/second of the controlled positions to simultaneously transmit information regarding position, speed and intervention points. This simplifies the system, making it more reliable whilst increasing IMM repeatability. 8) Availability of the measurements supplied by the magnetostrictive position transducers directly in absolute...

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