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Nanosurf Flex-FPM - 4 Pages

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Nanosurf Flex-FPM

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Next-Level Nanotechnology Tools + swiss quality PREMIUM PARTNER

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The established microfluidic tool for nanomanipulation and single-cell biology FluidFM® probe microscope (FPM) combines the force sensitivity and positional accuracy of the Nanosurf FlexAFM with FluidFM® technology by Cytosurge to allow a whole range of exciting applications in single-cell biology and nanoscience. Nanosurf has the longest experience providing AFM systems with the FluidFM® add-on, as Cytosurge‘s initial cooperation partner for this innovative technology - the FlexAFM with FluidFM® system was launched in 2011. Highly accurate pressure, force, and position control with optical...

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Compatible AFM systems You can perform FluidFM® on different Nanosurf AFM platforms, depending on your laboratory environment, current system setup, and budget. Either use the compact CoreAFM, or the more flexible Flex-Bio AFM system, which will allow you to make full use of the inverted optical microscope. CoreAFM with DIMO FlexAFM on inverted microscope FPM can be performed on the CoreAFM with DIMO with hardly any constraints. The digital inverted microscope option provides you with a bottom up optical view of your samples, with bright field or fluorescence contrast. This allows you to...

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