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Nanosurf Flex-Bio - 8 Pages

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Nanosurf Flex-Bio

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Versatile Research AFM System for Life Science Measurement capabilities in air and in liquid Next-Level Nanotechnology Tools Versatile in applications and modes Compatible with inverted microscopes / swiss quality

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Versatile research AFM system for Life Science For success in Life Science research, scientists depend on professional tools that can readily provide the information needed, regardless of the tasks at hand. By combining key technologies and components, Nanosurf has made the Flex-Bio system one of the most versatile and flexible atomic force microscope systems ever, allowing a large variety of biological and life science applications to be handled with ease. With the included C3000 controller, new levels of accuracy can be achieved with the FlexAFM scan head. Key features & benefits Flat and...

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Typical Flex-Bio setup A typical Flex-Bio setup consists of the FlexAFM near-infrared scan head (either with 10- or 100-µm scan range), the C3000 controller, the motorized sample stage for inverted microscopes, an inverted microscope, a vibration isolation table, and a PC with control software. Adapters for many types of inverted microscopes are available. The motorized sample stage provides an easy way to combine inverted microscopy (bright field, phase contrast, and fluorescence) with AFM. It allows exact and reproducible position of microscope samples. In addition to the motorized sample...

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C3000 controller High-resolution imaging of the cytoplasmic side of bacteriorhodopsin: High-end AFM controller for more performance and precision The versatility and performance of the FlexAFM scan head is brought to its full potential by the C3000 controller. With this AFM controller’s fully digital internal data processing, 24-bit ADC/DAC conversion depth, and programmable FPGA CPU, it is a huge step up from the standard Easyscan 2 controller. It allows high-speed data acquisition, dynamic filtering and analysis, and real-time signal monitoring directly from within the C3000 control...

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Accessories Accessories that extend the capabilities of your Flex-Bio research system Halcyonics_i4 Vibration-free measurements Halcyonics_acoustic enclosures Protection from airborne noise •• State-of-the-art active vibration isolation system •• Ideal for isolating your Flex-Bio system from building vibrations and other disturbances •• Low-profile carbon-design, straightforward handling, easy operation •• Two versions for a variety of applications •• Isolation effect starts at 0.6 Hz and achieves max. performance of –40 dB at 10 Hz, where 99.0% of the vibration is isolated Flex-ANA Upgrade...

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Specifications of C3000 controller optionsOptions can be activated via software activation codes C3000 advanced spectroscopy option

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Nanosurf and the Nanosurf Logo are trademarks of Nanosurf AG Nanosurf Inc. Nanosurf Inc. 300 Trade Center, Suite 5450 300 Trade Center, Suite 5450 Woburn, MA 01801 Woburn, MA 01801 United States of America United States of America 781 549 7361 (phone) 781 549 7361 (phone) 781 549 7366 (fax) 781 549 7366 (fax) Nanosurf 中国 Nanosurf 中国 Nanosurf China, Shanghai Nanosurf China, Shanghai 上海市天宝路578号 (200086) 上海市天宝路578号 (200086) 飘鹰世纪大厦703室, 中国 飘鹰世纪大厦703室, 中国 +86 18621896399 (电话) +86 18621896399 (电话) +86 21 5512 7698 (

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