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Nanosurf Easyscan 2 Controller - 4 Pages

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Nanosurf Easyscan 2 Controller

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YZZ Nanosurf Easyscan 2 Controller Modular Heart of the Easyscan 2 SPM System • Modular • Easy to use •Programmable • Portable • Affordable

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• Modular: Expandable to suit your needs • Portable and compact:Transportable and easy to install with a small footprint • Easy to use: Designed for quick and dependable measurements by experts and novices alike • Affordable: Unique price/performance ratio for teaching and research • Programmable: Optional Scripting Interface allows automated measurement tasks and analyses Accessories and Additional Products We offer various sample and calibration kits, cantilevers, tool sets, vibration isolation solutions, and much more. Please visit our website or contact your local...

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The diagram below provides an overview of the components and modules that can be used with the Easyscan 2 Controller. With such complete modularity, you decide where to start and how to upgrade. Your Easyscan 2 system will perfectly match your current and future measurement needs. AFM Mode Extension Module Transport Case

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Signal Module A. Option for viewing and manipulation of various controller signals. The Nanosurf SPM Control Software. Dedicated software to control, perform and analyze your SPM measurements. It can be further enhanced by the Scripting Interface to allow programmable automation, and by the Lithography Option to perform advanced lithography.. Lithography Option. Vector image of the Nanosurf logo scratched into a polymer Nanosurf AG Nanosurf GmbH Nanosurflnc. *H S- «ft **ftii$f$.4r S] Graubernstrasse 12-14 Rheinstrasse 5 999 Broadway, Suite 205 HZS-Nanosurf Co., Ltd. 4410Liestal 63225 Langen...

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