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Nanosurf CoreAFM - 4 Pages

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Nanosurf CoreAFM

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Next-Level Nanotechnology Tools ♦ swiss quality CoreAFM The best value research AFM

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Integrated functional design Integrating a modern flexure-guided tip scanner, XYZ sample stage, camera, active vibration isolation table, and air-flow protection in an all-in-one unit makes the CoreAFM a complete system with an unparalleled compact footprint. All the essential functions are integral components of the CoreAFM. Thus, connecting the controller, power and USB is all that is needed to get started with this research AFM. 33 possible modes and functions make the CoreAFM the tool of choice for applications ranging from materials research to life science and electrochemistry. State...

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Add-on functionality overview The base CoreAFM system's functionality can be seamlessly extended with a wide range of add-ons. The base system can be seamlessly extended with functional add-on groups. Enhance your CoreAFM system's functionality flexibly, according to your needs. The center hexagon shows the base system's functionality. Many options can be added to directly extend the functionality of your system (filled hexagons); these primary add-ons can be further enhanced by the secondary mode options (framed white hexagons). |^| Signal I/O option © Scanning thermal (^) Environmental...

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