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A unique new tool for single cell biology and beyond Cell adhesion Spatial manipulation Deposition and lithography Injection and extraction swiss quality

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A unique new tool for single cell biology and beyond Cell adhesion / spatial manipulation. Precise micromanipulation of small objects. Adhesion force measurements on any type of surface and any type of object (cell, polystyrene beads, etc.); no need to coat the cantilever to promote adhesion. Quick reuse of the same cantilever; over and over. FluidFM® combines the unique possibilities of Cytosurge nanofluidics with the positional accuracy and force sensitivity of the Nanosurf FlexAFM to provide a whole new level of control and possibilities in single-cell biology and beyond. Main features...

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User experience Senior engineer Allison Halleck targeting a cluster of cells using FluidFM at Harvard Catalyst. Seamless workflows in a revolutionary touchscreen interface Integration FluidFM® uses a whole new approach to instrument handling and experimental design. The integrative nature of its touchscreen-based control software brings together optical, force, pressure, and position control in one place. The entire system is easy to use and allows objects and experimental settings to be manipulated via on-screen interactions. Moving a sample or indicating measurement positions has never...

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Applications FluidFM®-based single-cell force spectroscopy (cell adhesion) Cell adhesion to surfaces represents the basis for niche colonization, biofilm formation, and cell survival. Single-cell force-spectroscopy studies are, however, often hampered by the relatively slow pace at which a statistically relevant amount of data can be obtained. Potthoff et al. have recently shown that FluidFM® can dramatically increase the amount of data that can be recorded per day. By applying underpressure, FluidFM® cantilevers can attach to a selected cell within seconds. In addition, the probe can be...

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FluidFM®-based virus infection of cells (virus deposition) The mechanisms used by viruses to enter and replicate within host cells are subjects of intense investigation. Virus entry and infection are generally monitored by dispensing bulk virus suspensions on layers of cells without accounting for the fate of each virion. Stiefel et al. have used FluidFM® to deposit single vaccinia virions (VACV) onto individual cells in a controlled manner — a feat not possible with any other currently available method. A fluorescently-labelled virion is leaving the FluidFM® cantilever in a controlled...

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Components & specifications FlexAFM-NIR scan head The Nanosurf FlexAFM-NIR scan head provides the force and positional control to manipulate your measurement samples. With its near-infrared laser it is compatible with most commonly-used fluorescent labels in cell biology. FlexAFM-NIR scan head specifications Maximum Petri dish height (fluid level) Automatic approach range Maximum scan range Maximum Z-range XY-linearity mean error XY-flatness at maximum scan range Z-measurement noise level (RMS, dynamic mode in air) Scan head dimensions Scan head weight (1) Manufacturing tolerances ± 5% (2)...

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FluidFM® pressure controller and pump The Cytosurge pressure control system was optimized for FluidFM® applications. It consists of a fast and high-precision pressure controller and a pump unit. Connections of the Cytosurge FluidFM® pressure controller and pump unit. Top: controller. Bottom: pump. Cytosurge FluidFM® pressure controller and pump unit. The pressure controller has been separated from the pump unit to mitigate unwanted system vibrations. The controller can be conveniently placed on the workbench, while the larger pump unit may be moved out of the way, for example underneath the...

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NanosurfAG Nanosurf GmbH Nanosurflnc. Nanosurf 't'IS'f Graubernstrasse 12-14 Rheinstrasse 5 300 Trade Center, Suite 5450 Nanosurf China 4410Liestal 63225 Langen Woburn, MA 01801 Jiif 15-^5^578^-(200086) Switzerland Germany United States of America MMit&±ML703t, t ffl FluidFM is patented and trademarked by CytosurgeAG. Nanosurf and the Nanosurf Logo are trademarks of Nanosurf AG. Copyright© 2013 NanosurfAG and CytosurgeAG, Switzerland — BT04766-03

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