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Super-flat AFM for SEM Have you ever wanted to get fast 3D information in SEM? Kleindiek and Nanosurf have the plug-and-play retrofit solution for you. The combination of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) opens exciting new possibilities. SEM’s are widely used for analytics in the micrometer and nanometer range and AFM techniques are useful for investigating the surfaces and characteristics of different materials down to nanometer detail. Kleindiek Nanotechnik has developed a slim, compact and flexible scanner that allows AFM to be performed in SEM. Combined with Nanosurf’s SPM controller and easy-to-use control software, information on lateral dimensions and material from SEM inspection can be readily complemented by precise topographical and force information in-situ. The unique and effortless availability of these two sets of data brings new value-added functionality to existing tools and reduces experiment cycle time, thereby increasing research throughput. The AFM system is compact and slim enough to fit inside any SEM and is even compatible with your loadlock if your SEM is fitted with one. The system also works stand-alone in air. Microscopy Made Easy YO U R A D VA N TAG E S 3D information from simultaneous SEM and AFM pictures Notably compact (height 10 mm) Simple to operate Load-lock compatible Extremely stable operation Easy sample and tip exchange without laser adjustment Can be used in combination with micromanipulators and other in-situ and ex-vivo tools Works in air and in SEM Atomic Force and Scanning Electron Microscopy Atomic Force and Scanning Electron Microscopy

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Super-flat AFM for SEM Coarse positioner •• The ultra-flat three-axis manipulator with unmatched stability and precision •• Operating range A 10 mm, B 80°, C 5 mm •• Piezo range A 1 µm, B 10 µm, C 1 µm •• Resolution A 0.25 nm, B 2.5 nm, C 0.25 nm •• Low drift 1 nm/min •• Reliable operation (one year endurance test) •• Fast pre-positioning by hand •• No backlash, creep or reversal play •• Fine and coarse displacement in one drive A = left/right, B = up/down, C = in/out AFM sensor •• Cantilever with integrated piezoresistive sensor •• Operates in contact mode with dynamic mode available in...

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