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Handheld RTD temperature probes (TM1118)(2) Applications: Refrigeration equipments, Ovens, Experimental facilities and Analytical instruments. Technical data: Connecting cable:TPU, temperature range:-5℃~+105℃ Protectiontube: Stainless steel 316L Sensor element: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 meets IEC 751, temperperature range : 0℃~+400℃ Tolerance: Higher precision can be available Response time: t0.9 approx. 9secs, in water 0.2 m/sec, diameter 6mm Connector: 4-wire,gold plating,stainless steel casing (1) Protection tube diameter D Wiring diagram: white white Note: other lengths as per customers' requirements.(100≤EL≤500) (3) Process connection G 000 (5) Measuring range/Connecting cable 13 -50℃ ~+ 180℃/Silicone Note: other lengths as per customers

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