BOCON-temperature transmitter(Output RS485)THM100-02M-YC-HVAC


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BOCON-temperature transmitter(Output RS485)THM100-02M-YC-HVAC - 1

Data Sheet THM100-02M-YC Page 1/2 The probe of TM series network temperature transmitter is used by imported high quality digital integration sensor. It is reliable to distributed control with upper computer system and transform - 55"C~125*C ambient temperature to standard signal MODBUS RS-485. The advantages of it are small volume, light weight, wide measuring range, high precision, quick response speed and stability for long-term operation and so on. It is widely used in the areas where need to measure and control temperature in air, such as meteorology, national defense, scientific research, post and telecommunications, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine, hotel, warehouse for foods and goods, eating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Technical parameters Dalian Bocon Science & Technology Co.. I,tri Address: No.7N2. 11 unni;pu Road. Ili-Tcch Zone, Dalian, China

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BOCON-temperature transmitter(Output RS485)THM100-02M-YC-HVAC - 2

Dalian Bocon Science & Technology Co.. I,tri Address: No.7N2. I hi an ii pu Road. Hi-Tech Zone, Dalian, China Website: ww\v.b(itoiui;ili;

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