1 Oxidization-resisting W-Re thermocouple assemblies


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1 Oxidization-resisting W-Re thermocouple assemblies - 1

Dalian Bocon Science & Technology Co., Ltd Address No.782, Huangpu Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Dalian, China 116023 Tel:86-411-84793453,84793775 Fax:86-411-84821017,84799763 Web:www.bocondalian.com Oxidization-resisting W-Re thermocouple assemblies Applications This series of thermocouple assemblies which obtained Chinese patent employs solid-packed technique to prevent the W-Re thermocouples from oxidizing at high temperature. Furthermore a functional material is added into the filling materials to create a protective atmosphere for the thermocouple wire. These thermocouples could work in oxidizing, reducing atmosphere and both alternately. Their price is only 1/5 ~1/10 of the price of noble metal thermocouple assemblies.The products of this series have been used in industries in China for 20 years and about 5000pieces of thermocouples per year were sold to more than 400 customers in recent years. Technical data:

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1 Oxidization-resisting W-Re thermocouple assemblies - 2

0: Sinsle metal tube 1: Quisle ceramic Tiibe 2: Duplex ceramic tube 4: Single solid-packed tube f: Duplex ■solid packed rube ■Process connection 7: Thread with clip ring ■Sensing element J: With calibration well G: High temp, salt bath ■Number of sensing elements Temp, measuring instrument

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