DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series


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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 1

DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 2

Practical use cutting tool by DLC coat Realize high-speed wet condition and DLC-HSS drill DLC-mill Sharp Corner_ DLC-mill Long Sharp Corner DLC-mill Radius DLC-mill SLOT Long Shank_ DLC-mill Ball WAVY MILL NWEXS WAVY MILL NWEX type DLC-HSS mill

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 3

►DLCIct "Diamond Like Carbon"© Lowfrictional coefficient, and smooth chip flow by DLC coat. DLC coat hardness is high with Prevent adhesion of aluminum alloy. TJncoated Carbide Drill Smoothing wear-resistant coat surface. Chip of DLC Coated insert Chip of Uncoated insert

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 4

High-speed drilling in wet process & dry drilling. Dry drilling is possible with DLC coat. Non-step feed is possible at hole depth of 5 times of drill diameter by special groove form. High precision drilling by adoption of end mill shank. Cutting speed Depth Blind hole Cutting fluid Uncoated Carbide Drill Blind hole Uncoated Carbide Drill Cutting speed Blind hole Uncoated Carbide Drill

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 5

Super smooth finished surface. Realize smooth chip discharge by DLC coat and most suitable end mill design. Machined surface by DLC-mil Uncoated Carbide End Mill Culling speec Workm aterial Cutting fluid Surface roughness by wet milling Culling speed Milium I'-U'l'l Surface roughness DLC is the eguivalent surface roughness in wet Cutting speec Vhllllnl |.Tn|lh Uncoated Carbide End Mill jfSJDI Rough Cutting speec ttlhtf'JPI Finish Cutting speed Milling length Uncoated Carbide End Mill

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 6

It can be processed into deep pocket milling continuously from slotting. By the adoption of the end teeth which has excellent chip flow and well-balanced three flutes, efficient slotting is possible. High efficiency pocket milling of depth to 4 times of diameter is possible. Even deep side milling is excellent in machining precision by high rigidity Non-step slotting of 1D depth is possible. Deep Side milling Good finish surface roughness DLC-mill SLOT Long Shank Cutting speec Cutting fluid billing length

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 7

3 dimensions of high efficiency machining is possible. DLC coated Ball End Mill. High efficiency milling by wide gash design. High precision and excellent cutted surface. Dry milling of Aluminum alloy DLC$JU#—Jl- DLC-mill Ball i^Mil*—;H>K$JU Carbide Ball End H Outting speec Cutting fluid Wet milling of Aluminum alloy DLC$JU#—DLC-mill Ball SSi^MiIl>K5^ Carbide Ball End Mill Outting speec Outting Fluid

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 8

WAVY MILL N\NEXmiZDLC?yy®&m^T)l£.a&<Dmffimill\T%nM □LC coating for NWEX type release new chips Super fine finish Excellent anti-adhesion Applicable to dry-milling(Air blow) Stable chip discharge Long tool life Steady Wear-resistant INWEXS^S/U—X—^ NWEX type product Standard type Long type Standard type Short type Long type Coarse pitch type Short & Coarse pitch type Standard type Standard type Standard type Fine pitch type

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 9


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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 11

1. DLC Drills are available in Nonferrous Metals such as Aluminum, Copper Alloys Not suitable for very hard beryllium Copper 2. Adjust drilling condition when unusual vibration, different sound occur by cutting 3. Provide sufficent amount cutting fluid to the cutting point and in the flute 4. Use the table values for drilling depths under 3XD 5. When for hole depth more than 3XD, reduce the rotation and feed by 20% S. When for hole depth more than 3XD deep, add step seediing However, a work material and drilling condition to Chip removal may be worse. In that case, add A even if drilling...

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 13

W(flJ*# Cutting Condition υ

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 14

□LC-mill Sharp Corner □LC-mill Long Sharp Corner I-TI-JO nuns >jt-n-*t iwnmm 1. Use precise machine and holder 2. Use in MQL condition or wet condition in case of Sharp corner 3. Reduce only the feed to 50% of table values in case of DLC-mill Long Sharp Corner 4. When grooving, reduce the rotation to 70% , and the feed to 25% of table values Side Milling

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 15

□LC-mill Radius 1. When using low speed machines, use the maximum speed and adjust the feed rate 2. In wet-milling, increase 1.25 times of feed 3. In groove milling, reduce the rotation to 70%, and the feed to 25% of table values 4. In dry-milling, recommend air blow Side Milling

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 16

□LC-mill SLOT Long Shank Side Milling

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 17

DLCSJI'^CI'yhnDLC-mill SLOT Long Shank raiS^W IPJJSSPI High Speed Condition Side Milling K'jic/^iini slotting \ Work Material Aluminum Alloys Aluminum Alloy Casting \ Drlling Condition \

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 18

□LC-mill Ball jjum i-Tfj? nuns wnsm 1. Use highly rigid machining center and holder 2. In dry millingfrecommend air blow), reduce the rotation and feed to 70% of table Ball Radius Ball Radius

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DLC Drill & DLC-mill Series - 19

□LC-HSS mill 2. Recommend "DLC-mill for aluminum" in milling of Aluminum Alloy 3. When grooving, reduce the rotation to 60% , and the feed to 40% Side Milling

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