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Precision Tools Precision Tools Gear Cutting Tools & Broaches

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Pursuing advanced high-speed technology that is both user and environmentally friendly Since developing Japan's first broaching machine in the late 1920s, Fujikoshi has developed a variety of tools and machine tools to handle advancements in production systems. Fujikoshi continues to lead the way by developing machining systems that integrate tools and machines.

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Gear Cutting Tools Materials and Coating of Gear Cutting Tools 5 Technical Introduction High Speed Dry Hobbing 7 High Performance Shaving Cutter 9 Dual Forming Rack 10 Hob Cutting Action and Nomenclature 7 7 Inclination Angle of Hob and Hobbing Methods 72 Multi-thread Hob and Short Pitched Hob Design 13 Tooth Profiles of Hob and Sign 14 NACHI Accuracy of Gear Hobs 75 Standard Keyways for Hobs 77 Cutting Condition and Regrinding 18 Solid Gear Hobs Standard Dimensions 79 Fine Pitch Gear Hobs Standard Dimensions 20 Involute Spline Hobs Tooth Profile 27 Parallel Side Spline Hobs Standard...

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Technical Introduction Basic Design and Cutting Method Calculation of Pulling Load Face Angle and Relief Angle Off-normal Gullet Helical Broach Finished Size of Broaches Micro Module Broaching Essential Points and Notice for Broaching Process Hard Broaches Gear Cutting Tools Guidance Terms of Internal Broaches Terms of Surface Broaches Nomenclature of Broaching Machine Internal Broaches Work Piece Samples of Internal Broaches Involute Spline Broaches Push Broaches Helical Broaches Surface Broaches Work Piece Samples of Surface Broaches Fir Tree Type Broaches Steering Rack Broaches

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Gear Cutting Tools Materials and Coating of Gear Cutting Tools Gear Cutting Tool Material Tool Material Gear Shaper Cutters Shaving Cutters Forming Racks Crater Wear Resistance Wear Resistance Wear Resistance Heat Resistance Wear Resistance Surface Treatment Coating Technology Hardened Steels 50HRC CBN TiAIN Multifunctional Multilayer Composite Film Aqua Coat Dual Coat GS Hard Coat TiAINMultilayered Coating AG Coat TiC TiN TiC TiCN Carbon Steels Cast Irons TiCNMultilayered Coating Platina Coat SG Coat TiCNMultilayered Coating UG Coat Hybrid Surface Modification + Rigid Film Surface...

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Technical Introduction Gear Cutting Tools Hobbing of hardened gear is possible Hard Hobbing Suitable for high accuracy gear hobbing of the shaft and small module which was difficult in grinding Realized high accuracy by hob and spindle one body tooth profiles grinding Achieved longer tool life by Hyper Dual coat and herd metal of new development Technical Introduction Hard Hobbing Work Piece Carbide Hob with shank Accuracy Before Hard Hobbing After Hard Hobbing Profils Error Before Hard Hobbing After Hard Hobbing Lead Error Comparison of Tool life Cutting face Hard Hob Non Coat Competitor...

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Gear Cutting Tools Technical Introduction Realize High Speed Dry Hobbing of 250m/min High Speed Dry Hobbing Both and hobbing are perfomed by one hob. A long tool life is ensured even in high speed dry hobbing. Dual coat improves in wear resistance and the heat-resistant oxidation. Coherence and tenacity, anti-welding improve, too. New steel class is good in heat-resistant shock and chipping resistance, wear resistance. High Speed Dry Hobbing Technical Introduction Performance Comparison of tool life Method High Speed Dry Hobbing High Speed Dry Hobbing Cutting Speed Cutting speed 1.5 times...

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Gear Cutting Tools Hyper Dual Cut Hob Features As for the Hyper Dual coating, high speed dry processing more than 200m/min is possible, too. Technical Introduction Hobbing speed High Speed Dry Hobbing Performance Comparison of Tool Life (mm) More than 5 times the tool life of conventional hobs Hyper Dual Cutting Length Hyper Dual Hobs Cutting Conditions Cutting Speed Pressure Angle Tooth Width Cutting Method Climb Cutting

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Gear Cutting Tools Technical Introduction Realize High-speed Shaving High Performance Shaving Cutter Realize high speed, high feed shaving by improvement of serration and high rigidity design of a shaving cutter. Longer tool life by adoption of shaving cutter materials of new development. Adopt serration form to leave both end land in plunge cut shaving. High Performance Shaving Cutter Technical Introduction High Performance Shaving Cutter Performance Comparison of Tool Life Gear Workpiece m2.89, PA23 , 12T, SPUR Cutter 225 Type, 12 RH, Conventional Workpiece m2.25, PA20 , 27T, SPUR Cutter...

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Technical Introduction Gear Cutting Tools Clean in MQL Roll Forming Dual Forming Rack Special surface treatment improves in wear resistance and lubrication, and realize MQL roll forming. Longer tool life in both conditions of conventional oil coolant and MQL roll forming. Dual Forming Rack Technical Introduction Dual Forming Rack Tool Life Tool Life Comparison Work Spec. m1.058 PA30 Ng23 Work Rolling Length 20mm SCM440 200HB MQL MQL 12cc/h Water Soluble MQL Dual Forming Rack Convention Tool MQL Roll Forming Example by Use of NC Roll Forming Machine. Tool Life Spline Spline DP24/48PA30NT26...

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Gear Cutting Tools Features of Gear Cutting Hobs Hob is the cutting tool which has the rack cutting teeth on its body as the shape of a screw. The basic rack (rack cutting teeth) projects the rotating hob which has teeth in a screw pattern to generate the gear. Work piece is rotated so that it may gear with this basic rack, and feeding a hob in the lead direction generates the gear. Axial Feed Generating Chart Hob Nomenclature Cam Rise Cutting Face Thread Helix Flute Depth Left Edge Pitch Circle Diameter Outside Diameter Hob Cutting Action and Nomenclature Basic Rack Tooth Lead Angle Length...

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Helical Gear Spur Gear Gear Cutting Tools Inclination Angle of Hob Right Helix Left Helix Gear Handed Reverse Handed Reverse Handed Tooth Lead Angle of Hob Helix Angle of Gear Tooth Lead Angle of Hob Hobbing Methods and Comparison Conventional Hobbing Climb Hobbing Hobbing Elements Climb Helical Flank Wear of Hob Surface Roughness Chip Removal Bite of Chip Common Design Semi-topping Tooth Profile Chamfer of Gear Large Number of Teeth Chamfer In case of the gears with the same module and pressure angle, it can be used with a common designed hob, even if a number of teeth and helix angle are...

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