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CZ-Office NACHI EUROPE GmbH P.I. EL MONTALVO III, C/Segunda, 6. Portal 1–2ª, Oficina 5 37188-Carbajosa de La Sagrada Salamanca – España Telef.: 923-197-837 Fax: 923-197-758 NACHI EUROPE GmbH Sezemicka 2757/2 VGP Park ­ A1 – Prague 9, 193 00, Czech Republic Main phone line: +420-255 734 000 Main fax line: +420-255 734 001 NACHI EUROPE GmbH Pleidelsheimer S­raße 47 t 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany Phone: + 49 7142-77418-0 Fax: + 49 7142-77418-20 Office in Barcelona Factories Josep Tarradellas, 58 1° 5a 08029 Barcelona, Spain Phone: + 34 93 4306247 Fax: + 34 93 4190807 UK Branch Office in Bilbao NACHI CZECH S.R.O. PRUMYSLOVA 2732 44001 Louny, Czech Republic Phone: + 420 415 930930 Fax: + 420 415 930940 http://cz.nachi.de/czech e-mail: info@nachi.de South Office Germany NACHI EUROPE GmbH Unit 7, Junction Six Industrial Estate, Electric Avenue, Birmingham B6 7JJ,UK Phone: + 44 121 250188-0 Fax: + 44 121 250188-9 http://www.nachi.co.uk/ NACHI EUROPE GmbH Gran Via Don Diego Lopez de Haro, 44-7° d. 480011 Bilbao, Spain Phone: + 34 94 4437319 Fax: + 34 94 4105263 e-mail: iolaode.nisa@euskalnet.net Zentrale Tokyo / Tokyo Head Office Zentrale Toyama / Toyama Head Office Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg., 1-9-2 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato-ku Toko, JAPAN 1-1-1 Fujikoshi-Honmachi, Toyama, JAPAN Tel. / Phone: +81-3-5568-5240 Fax: +81-3-5568-5236 Tel. / Phone: +81-76-423-5111 Web Site URL http://www.nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp/ Fax: +81-76-493-5211 Diese Qualitätsprodukte sind erhältlich bei: Purchased These Fine Products From: KATALOG NR. / CATALOG NO. 2011.07.DE/EN CS-GE-HE Fräser Fraises Fresas Spain Main Office NACHI EUROPE GmbH Bischofstraße 99 47809 Krefeld, Germany Phone: + 49 2151 65046-0 Fax: + 49 2151 65046-90 http://www.nachi.de/ Endmills Central Office Germany

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Endmill 2011 - 2

HSSE Fritté Acero sinterizado Solide Carbide Carbure monobloc Metal duro integral Diamond like carbon Diamantàhnliche Beschichtung Revêtement ressemblant diamant Diamond coating Diamond Beschichtung Revêtement Diamond Normal Helix Normaler Seitenspanwinkel Hélice normale Hélice normal Niedriger Seitenspanwinkel Hélice basse Hélice baja High Helix Hoher Seitenspanwinkel Hélice rapide Hélice elevada Knuckle type fine pitch tooth Feine Schruppkordelverzahnung Brise-copeaux rounds fins Gran Desbaste, paso fino Knuckle type tooth Brise-copeaux rounds Gran Desbaste, paso normal Multi-thread nicks...

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Endmill 2011 - 3

Selection Chart, Auswahltabelle, Tableau de sélection, Cuadro de selección

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Endmill 2011 - 4

Side Milling Grooving Seltenfràsen Nutenfràsen Fraisage trois tailles Rainurage contorneado Ranurado Work Material

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Endmill 2011 - 5

Selection Chart, Auswahltabelle, Tableau de sélection, Cuadro de selección Material Coating VGX-mill FOUR FLUTES 1D VGX-mill FOUR FLUTES 1.5D VGX-mill FOUR FLUTES 2D VGX-mill FOUR FLUTES 2.5D 42 VGX-mill FOUR FLUTES 3D 43 VGX-mill FOUR FLUTES 4D VGX-mill RADIUS FOUR FLUTES 1D 48 VGX-mill RADIUS FOUR FLUTES 2D 49 X's-mill GEO MICROBALL LONG NECK 55 X's-mill GEO BALL REGULAR SHANK 56 X's-mill GEO BALL LONG SHANK 56 X's-mill GEO BALL PENCIL NECK 57 X's-mill GEO LONG SHANK 57 X's-mill GEO RADIUS LONG SHANK 58 DLC-mill SHARP CORNER 2 FLUTES 60 DLC-mill LONG SHARP CORNER 2 FLUTES 60 Metal duro

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Endmill 2011 - 6

Side Milling Fraisage trois tailles Work Material

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Endmill 2011 - 7

Selection Chart, Auswahltabelle, Tableau de sélection, Cuadro de selección

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Endmill 2011 - 8

Side Milling Fraisage trois tailles Work Material

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Endmill 2011 - 9

Technical Information Long tool life by AG coating to have wear Reduced the tool damage by smooth radius cutting form. Realize stable high efficiency milling by high alloy HSS with chipping resistant to Wear resistance superior to competitor powder HSS in side milling. AG-mill Roughing Radius Competitor Cutting Speed: S = 355 min"1 (V = 22 m/mln.) Feed: F = 132 mm/mln. (f = 0.093 mm / tooth) Cutting Fluid: Air blow Chipping resistance and wear resistance superior in grooving. Milling Length Tool: 0 20 R3 (AGRERS-R) Work Material: S50C(180HB) Cutting Speed: S = 640 min'1 (V = 40 m/mln.)...

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Endmill 2011 - 10

AG-mill Roughing Series_/ Cost performance to rough, finish Fine pitch nick and Heavy nick that a chip break is good, and there is Work Materials • Carbon steels Alloy steels, Pre-Hardened steels, Stainless steels, Nickel alloys, Cast Irons, Aluminum alloys Excellent chipping-resistant/Wear-resistant AG-mill Roughing AG-mill Roughing ■ Comparison of cutting chips

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Endmill 2011 - 11

Technical Information By micrograin alloy carbide for the high hardness, it restrains micro-plastic deformation and improves by the durability. It is compatible with chip removal in tool rigidity by an original new Super-high-speed side milling olOmm (six flutes) Localized flank Cutting Fluid : Air Blow

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Endmill 2011 - 12

GS MILL Hard Ball Durable tool life by newly developed coating Newly developed smooth coating makes kinetic friction smaller and improves wear resistance. Optimal for har dened steel milling Ultra micro grain carbide with low Cobalt content suppresses micro plastic deformation during milling and increase tool life. High accuracy ball nose +3~-7 |im Realize high accuracy ball nose by "One-Pass" grinding process and precise milling Is possible. ■ Property of GS Hard Coat Heat resistance —► good ' One-Pass ' grinding Wear comparison after 60m milling in SKD11(60HRC) GS MILL Hard Ball Cutting...

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Endmill 2011 - 13

Technical Information GS MILL Long Neck Haiti Ball Wonderful long tool life Realized long tool life by micro grain carbide substrate with high TRS, high rigidity design, and complet multi-layer coating excellent In wear resistance. Excellent milling sur face precision Highly precise milling Is possible by original cutting edge geometry and GS coat with smooth surface Sharpness to be better by GS hard coat of droplet free Original Ballnose Endmill form Ball radius tolerance +3—7um by "One-Rass" grinding process between ballnose cutting edge and outside cutting edgeBack taper of outside...

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