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AQUA Drill EX FLAT Series

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AQUA DRILL EX FLAT Simple Process Less Burr

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Drilling innovation with great performance AQUA DRILL EX FLAT New drilling technology Slope, counter boring, thin plate, blind tap hole, hole correction in one drill. Pre hole of Slope Counter boring Thin plate blind hole tapping Pilot hole of deep drilling Eccentric hole correction less burr 180° Flat Drill Realize high accurate counter bore surface in once. AQUA DRILL EX FLAT Flat bottom Beautiful flute geometry which provides high rigidity and smooth chip evacuation Cutting resistance on 45° slope drilling Excellent heat and wear resistance. Excellent drilling performance. Cutting force...

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Performance Comparison Excellent accuracy, efficiency, tool life and performance. Roundness during slope drilling (μm) Roundness (μm) AQUA DRILL EX FLAT Feed Number of hole until 80 μm corner wear hole Competitor counter boring drill AQUA DRILL EX FLAT Competitor counter boring drill Slope angle Cutting conditions Tool: Ø 3 Speed: 75 m/min. Feed: 240 mm/min. Work material: SCM415 Cutting fluid: water soluble Depth: 3 mm Slope angle: 30° Smaller burrs at the exit of hole on thin plate drilling High-efficiency. Direct drilling without pilot hole Competitor carbide drill AQUA DRILL EX FLAT...

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Cutting Condition Structural Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Pre-Hardened Work Grey Cast Iron SCM NAK HPM material SS SC FC ~200HB mm Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Ductile Cast Iron Aluminum Alloy SUS304 FCD A7075 Warnings on using the drilling condition tables: 1. Adjust drilling conditions according to the rigidity of machine and 6. When slope drilling, please adjust the cutting condition according to work clamp condition. the slope angle (θ) 2. Please use after the forged surface has been removed. Slope angle (θ) under 30: reduce the feed rate 50 % from the cutting 3. Suitable for...

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AQUA DRILL EX FLAT Drilling example. Entrance and exit of slope drilling 1.1201 (S50C) Automotive components Before Counter boring: Carbide End mill Drilling: Carbide Drill Big curve at exit of hole max. 60 μm Burr at the exit of hole After AQUA DRILL EX FLAT 2 in 1 process Curve max. 45 μm Cutting conditions Tool: 4.5 mm Speed: 60 m/min Feed: 480 mm/min 0.113 mm/rev Cutting Fluid: Water soluble Less burr Pre hole of blind hole tapping 1.1201 (S50C) hole Unstable with end mill Electricity terminal components AQUA DRILL EX FLAT Cutting conditions Tool: 7 mm Speed: 60 m/min Feed: 150 mm/min...

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Counter boring Casted copper of electronic components before Counter boring: HSS end mill after AQUA DRILL EX FLAT 3 in 1 process Drilling: Carbide drill Bottom finish: HSS end mill Eliminate end mill Copper alloy OK Reduced process Cutting conditions Tool: 16 mm Speed: 60 m/min Feed: 200 mm/min 0.17 mm/rev Depth: 37 mm Cutting Fluid: Water soluble BT50 Vertical MC Process reduction in Slope drilling Ductile Iron GGG before pre-process: Carbide end mill after AQUA DRILL EX FLAT 2 in 1 process Drilling: Carbide drill Steering component Eliminate end mill Reduced process Reduced tool cost...

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German Head Quarter Spain Main Office NACHI EUROPE GmbH Bischofstraße 99 47809 Krefeld, Germany Phone: +49 2151-65046-0 Fax: +49 2151-65046-90 NACHI EUROPE GmbH P.I. El Montalvo IIIC/Segunda, 6. Portal 1-2a, Oficina 537188 Carbajosa de la Sagrada SALAMANCA (Spain) Phone: +34 923 197 837 Fax: +34 923 197 758 NACHI CZECH S.R.O. PRUMYSLOVA 2732 44001 Louny, Czech Republic Phone: +420 415 930930 Fax: +420 415 930940 e-mail: South Office Germany NACHI EUROPE GmbH Pleidelsheimer S­raße 47 t 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany Phone: +49...

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