Wet Type Magnetic Solenoid Valve SS and SA Series G01-31 Design - 12 Pages

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Wet Type Magnetic Solenoid Valve SS and SA Series G01-31 Design

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GLOBAL SERIES Wet Type Magnetic Solenoid Valve SS and SA Series G01-31 Design Recognized by Overseas Safety Standards

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In Pursuit of Safety (conforms to overseas standards) and Easy Use Conformance to Global Standards CE-, UL- and CSA-recognized You can depend on solenoid valves of NACHI brand. Recognized by reliable overseas safety standards such as CE (Europe), UL (U.S.A.) and CSA (Canada). Interchangeable with Conventional Products (30 designs) The valve proper as well as such parts as a centralized terminal box and coil are interchangeable with the conventional ones in terms of a kit. Features 1. Easy use 2. Low power consumption ●An expanded wiring space ensures easy wiring. ●Use of a 4-pin...

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ZDTo make an effective use of the wet type solenoid valve, connect the pipe so that the T(R) port is always filled with oil. Do not plug theT(R) port. 3]Take appropriate measures to ensure that abnormal surge pressure in excess of the maximum permissible backpressure does not occur to the 3]Please note that the maximum flow rate is subjected to restriction when you use a four-way valve as a two-way or one-way valve by blocking each port. (Level of contamination: equal to or better than NAS 12 class) ji]Use the petroleum based hydraulic jCWater or glycol based hydraulic oil can be used for...

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Valve specifications DC solenoid AC solenoid C1 C115 Rectifier built-in type C2 C230 E1 E115 E2 Max. working pressure (ports P, A and B) Permissible back pressure (port T) E230 D1 D2 35MPa{357kgf/cm2} 21MPa{214kgf/cm2} Switching frequency (times/min.) Standard type 300 Shock-less type — Indicator light 120 R (Standard for SS type) Shock-less — Surge-less Option 300 120 G (SS type alone) F — Q With manual pushbutton G — N Quick return Double solenoid 1.8 2.0 Single solenoid Masskg — 1.4 1.5 Dust and water SS type protection JIS C 0920 IP64 (Dust and spray protection type) SA type JIS C 0920...

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Type Description L-Design number C: for alternating current (for both 50/60 Hz) E: For alternating current (rectifier built-in type for both 50/60 Hz) '-Auxiliary symbols (combinations are permitted in alphabetical order) R: With indicator (Write "R"). Standard for SS type, and optional for SA type. F: Shock-less type (applicable to power supply types DJS and ESS) G: Surge-less type (applicable to power supply types CSS and DJS) GR: Surge-less type with indicator light (applicable to power supply types CSS and J: PG (German Standard) thread -*■ with G-thread conversion adaptor (applicable...

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Option (Description of Auxiliary Symbols) Shock-less Type (Type symbol: F) Surge-less type (Type symbol: G) Switching response characteristics Indicates the pressure waveform of valves in the hydraulic circuit given in the following sketch. In the dry type valve, a big impact (noise) or pipe vibration will occur due to sudden pressure drop or rise caused by open/close operation of the valve. In the shock-less solenoid valve, however, there is no pressure change due to open/close operation of the valve. Accordingly, there is no impact (noise) or pipe vibration when the valve is switched. φ...

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Installation Dimension Drawing (SS Series) AC solenoid valve Indicator light SOL b T Note: For SS-GO1-H-R-31, the solenoid is located on the side (SOL a) opposite to that shown in the drawing. B A AC solenoid P 2 G (Before PF)1/2 Indicator light SOL a 25.5 48 71.5 87 φ 7.5 37.5 SOL b φ 5.5 66 46 102 Manual push pin 48.5 150.5 Note: Height is different with respect to 30D. 85.5mm87mm SOL b SOL a 102 102 204 49.8 Coil mounting/dismounting dimensions With DC solenoid and rectifier DC solenoid SOL b SOL a 37.5 φ 5.5 109 48.5 157.5 60.5 Sub-plate MSA-01X-10 Max. working pressure Mass F 1/4 1.2...

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Installation Dimension Drawing (SA Series) AC solenoid valve T B A Note: For SA-GO1-H-R -31, the solenoid is located on the side (SOL a) opposite to that shown in the drawing. P AC solenoid φ 7.5 81 92.5 49 37.5 25.5 48 SOL b φ 5.5 46 66 39 102 Manual push pin 141 SOL b SOL a 102 With DC solenoid and rectifier 102 49.8 204 Coil mounting/dismounting dimensions DC solenoid SOL b SOL a φ 5.5 46 109 39 148 Manual push pin 60.5 37.5 25.5 48 Dimension 2 81 Dimension 1 92.5 49 218 Coil mounting/dismounting dimensions A fixed throttle valve can be inserted into the ports P, A and B (for both SS and...

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Connection diagram (SS type) Grounding terminal Common terminal Grounding terminal Notes: I.The double solenoid valve is provided with a common terminal to ensure easy connection. When not used, loosen the set screw of the 2. If the ground wire is required, use the grounding 4. Lock the terminal screw at a torque of 0.5 through Electric circuit diagram (SS type) Electric circuit AC solenoid, surge-less type Rectifier built-in type DC solenoid, surge-less type Rectifier built-in quick return type

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Connection method Electric connection diagram terminal marked with terminal marked with whenever required. terminal marked with A symbol in parenthesis indicates a connector type. Notes: 1. The asterisks (SSS) attached to the connector type and power supply indicating symbols show voltage voltages (1, 2). 2. The connector cord diameter is from 8 through 10 mm. Outside this range, waterproofing function will be lost. 3. The connector can be installed in a desired direction at every 90 degrees by reassembling of the terminal block. 4. The cover can be removed only when the installation set...

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Performance Curve Pressure loss characteristics Permissible pressure - flow rate values Notes: 1. Description in parenthesis is given for an AC solenoid 2. Description in parenthesis is given for the rectifier built-in type solenoid (E^) except for the quick return type, and for the power supply solenoid [D%.} where a surge voltage absorbing diode is mounted on the electric circuit.

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Sectional Structure View Parts No. Parts name Parts No. 1 Body 11 Rod 2 Plug 12 Solenoid guide 3 Spool valve 13 Solenoid coil 4 Retainer A 14 Packing 5 Retainer B 15 Centralized terminal box kit 6 Special spring pin 16 Name plate 7 Spacer 17 O-ring 8 Spring A 18 O-ring 9 Spring C 19 O-ring 10 Nut 20 O-ring Parts name Seal Parts List Parts Parts name No. 17 O-ring 18 O-ring 20 Single solenoid Double solenoid O-ring 19 Quantity Parts type O-ring 4 4 1A-P20 1 2 1B-P18 2 2 S-25 1 2 AS568-012 Hs90 Note: 1A and 1B are based on B2401 of the JIS Standards, and AS568 conforms to SAE Standards....

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