Vacuum Carburizing Furnace EN-CARBO - 6 Pages

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Vacuum Carburizing Furnace EN-CARBO

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Vacuum Carburizing Furnace Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

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Carburizing Furnace High-temperature carburizing reduces carburizing time

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Advantages of ethylene as a carburizing gas Ethylene gas. used in (C-¿Hi) EN-CARBO (patent pending), has the following properties good lor decompressed carburizing. Safe and clean environment Flameless operation eliminates worries of fire for a safe and clean work environment. Easy to configure assembly lines with production machinery and heat treatment, which Is not possible with conventional gas carburizing, to eliminate dangerous dirty and demanding work. Reducing running costs Saves energy and reduces heat loss by using a cold wall method and can operate unattended all night to greatly...

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Carburizing workflow diagram Preparation work (from previous process) Process complete Temperature fall urizing and diffusion are repeated depending on processing conditions

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Automated line (options) A fully automated line can be set up by combining the clean vacuum carburlzing furnace (NVC) and vacuum degreaslng equipment (NVD) and tempering furnace (ERD). Stock table Loading Unloading T . Vacuum Degreasing Equipment Tempering furnace clean Master Tempering I Pre and post washing Perform tempering cutting oil, post washing Vacuum Carburizing Furnace Carburizing process Perform carburizing and quenching (refined quenching) Equipment check and quality assurance offered by NACHI Supporting assurance of quality for our customers.

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Exterior dimensions

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