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TOOL ENGINEERING SERVICE NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP Hard Broaching Machine Coating Equipment Cutting Tools SUMITOMO ELECTRIC HARDMETAL CORP. Carbide Materials Core Technology Carbide Tools Indexable Tools Diamond Tools Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels X's-mill WAVY GEO/UP Mill Joint Development Items Common Brand

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Turning Tools CBN inserts for high precision turning of hardened steel New coated grade for cast iron turning • Excellent machined surface quality (RZ1.6^m) • High precision machining of hardened steel — IT6 class dimensional accuracy • 60 items are stocked with 3 kinds of different edge preparation for a wide application range • The AC410K consists of a special carbide substrate and the new ceramic coating "SUPER FF COATING, which has a very smooth surface and ultra fine grain. excellent adhesion, chipping, and wear • For high precision machining of electric parts and small automotive...

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Detachable head drill • With a detachable carbide drill head, the SMD drill incorporates an original radial serration coupling system for high precision and stable • The SMD drill's high productivity and long tool life help reduce the machining cost in □rill for high speed drilling in wet condition and drilling in dry condition AQUA Drill • Drilling efficiency in wet condition is 2.5 times • It is possible to get long tool life in wide range For small diameter hole drilling 3 Flutes Drill For High Efficiency cast hole Drilling MINI MULTIDRILL / AQUA Micro Drill • Stable drilling performance...

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Milling tools CBN Small diameter Endmills Mold Finish Master i±±\nuxi:mm-mmm., mm^mm\ • High precision machining with long tool life of hardened steels • Super tough CBN grade prevents chipping of End mill for high efficiency and high precision finishing of hardened die and molding dies GS MILL Hard Ball ■■ • The oxidation resistance has improved by newly developed "GS Hard Coat". It improves thermal resistance and wear resistance in ultra high speed milling. • Lower Co contented sub-micro grain carbide suppresses micro plastic deformation during cutting process and improves durability....

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Gear cutting tools, Broachs, Other tools SUMITOMO ELECTRIC HARDMETAL Solid carbide Hob for external gear finish after hardening • It is long tool life by Hyper Dual Coat and cemented carbide of new development. • Best for highly accuracy hobbing of a shaft and a small module gear having difficulty with Carbide broach for spline hole and internal gear finish after hardening Hard Broach • It has highly accuracy broaching in the high • It uses hard broaching machine, and actual cutting time is less than for one second Hob for high speed dry gear hobbing • Realize high speed dry hobbing of...

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Tool Engineering Service ITooling Services (comprehensive supplier) ■ Full range of products from high-speed steel to carbide, CBN S Diamond tools ■ Full turn-key installation as a comprehensive supplier with a full range of products I Tool Management Services Specialized teams analyze production line to propose the most suitable methods and tools Reducing tool costs and improving productivity to lower overall manufacturing costs •GPA(Gear Production Alliance) sl£CDiIW ■&'\ GPA(Gear Production Alliance) • GPA (Gear Production Alliance) *1 • Proposals to improve complete production lines and...

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Common Brand Items GS MILL Hard/Hard Radius CBN Mold Finish Master GS MILL Hard Ball GS MILL Longneck Series Joint Development Items * SUMITOMO ELECTRIC HARDMETAL X's-mill Geo Ball Series MINI MULTIDRILLS MDSS Type AQUA Micro Drill KSJCDVUi-f avft-A^-y rSumi ToolJ

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