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SPECIALTY STEELS Material’s General Catalog FM ALLOY

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Fusing our hard-earned knowledge with cutting edge technology handles the ever-advancing demands across industries. 1 Integration of high-grade special steel production technologies Proprietary refining technology produces clean high quality materials 2 Know-how for responding to a wide range of needs We produce materials with a full understanding of what is needed because we are also manufacturers of all kinds of machinery 3 Synergies multiplied to produce near-net products We fuse machining, heat treatment, coating, and other technologies to bring products to market 4 A production system...

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ESR furnace High quality Easy to use Steels are made from highly refined excellent quality materials skillfully produced through a combination of Nachi's proprietary refining methods and the latest production technologies. We also support advances in heat treatment technology and the latest surface processing techniques. Steels are produced with ever more precise focus on chemical composition and structural control to bring out our high level performance in wear resistance, strength, hardenability, grindability and more. We have a wide range of steels, shapes, and production dimensions in a...

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I Applications and Heat Treatment I High-speed Tool Steels S Alloy Tool Steels

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01 High-grade Special Steels Ranking of properties Select the steels developed by NACHI (including original steel grades) to meet your particular requirements. ICS22 FAX31 SKH9D Alloy Tool Steels MDS9 P/M High-speed Tool Steels FAX38 SKH9 HM7 SKH2 Better MATRIX2 FAX40 HMT12 HM35 HM33 SKH3 Toughness 01 High-grade Special Steels 02 High-carbon Chromium Bearing Steels 03 Martensitic Stainless Steel Properties of high-grade Special Steels HS53M FAXG2 FAX55 HM4 HS97R HM42 High-speed Tool Steels SKH4 04 High-performance Alloys Wear Resistance HS93R Better Properties of P/M High-speed Tool Steels...

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02 High-carbon Chromium Bearing Steels Steel Grade NACHI Grade Chemical Composition (%) Related Standards Heat treatment Properties AISI SAE JIS C Si Mn Cr SUJ2 E52100 SUJ2 1.00 0.3 — 1.5 SUJ3 ASTM A485 Grade 1 SUJ3 1.00 0.6 1.0 1.0 High wear resistance and dimensional stability Annealing (oC) Austenitizing (oC) Tempering (oC) Annealed hardness (HB) Practical hardness (HRC) 150 –190 AC Main application Bearings Gages Rolls Max 201 790 – 830 OQ Good hardenability AC: Air cooling Hardness 810 – 850 OQ 750 – 790 SC OQ: Oil quenching 62 – 65 Large bearings Max207 04 High-performance Alloys 03...

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04 High-performance Alloys 01 High-grade Special Steels 02 High-carbon Chromium Bearing Steels 03 Martensitic Stainless Steel FM ALLOY Leveraging the advantages of its specialized proprietary melting and forming technologies, NACHI developed control methods for microstructure that was not possible with conventional special steel production methods. This produces high-performance alloys of high quality with low impurities and homogeneous microscopic structures. DURO Series, PROVA Series, and EXEO Series are FM Alloys. FM ALLOY EXEO DURO series steel is for precision die and mold with a...

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FM ALLOY PROVA series steel is for plastic molds with great mirror finishing, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. PROVA Series 8Cr type AISI 420 type Hardness (HRC) 60 500 450 400 40 P21 type P20 type 20 For transparency General For mirror surface AISI 1055 0 Steel Grade Classification PROVA-400 PROVA-450 5000 Hardness (HRC) 10000 Mirror surfacing (grain mesh number) Features 51 – 53 PROVA-500 Steel for high-quality molds for aspherical lenses and mobile phones, specifically with mirror finishes 51 – 53 Corrosion resistant steel with excellent machinability for molds for high-quality...

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Production Size Ranges I Precision Wrought Products Cold Drawn Flat Bars Precision Rolled Wires (Turk's head rolling)

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Hardened Bars Precision Drawn * Contact us for sizes larger than 013.0 mm. Surface defect Applicable Steel Type/Heat Treatment Hardness 440C is only provided as ground. (02-10) ' Other grades and hardness are available upon request.

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Tokyo Head Office URL:http://www.nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp E-mail:webmaster@nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp : Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg. 17F 1-9-2 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021, JAPAN Tel: +81-(0)3-5568-5111 Fax: +81-(0)3-5568-5206 Toyama Head Office : 1-1-1 Fujikoshi-Honmachi, Toyama 930-8511, JAPAN Tel: +81-(0)76-423-5111 Fax: +81-(0)76-493-5211 Overseas Companies AMERICA Sales NACHI AMERICA INC. HEADQUARTERS 715 Pushville Road, Greenwood, Indiana, 46143, U.S.A. Tel: +1-317-530-1001 Fax: +1-317-530-1011 URL: http://www.nachiamerica.com/ WEST COAST BRANCH U.K. BRANCH Unit 3, 92, Kettles Wood...

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