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MQL Power Long Drill

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Authorized edition for guide hole drilling Please use AQD3F with MQLPLD

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Coated carbide drill for deep hole MQL Power Long Drill High feed high efficient drilling An S-shaped cutting edge for superior chip removability. The S-shaped cutting edge forcibly breaks up curled chips with its hollow center shape creating easily removable chips. Non-step drilling improves machining efficiency by 5x. Hfi£JK(Dini Conventional drilling Work Time second HSS DV^ K'JJU KUJbS Tool :<t> 5mm HSS Long Dril fflJSM Cutting Speed : 20m/min MQL Power Long Drill Cutting Speed : 80m/min Work Time second Limit comparison at feed fj4 R/X Guide hole: 6X 1 2mmg?£ (Depth; miflffl cutting...

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Tool life comparison in cutting condition MQL Power Long Drill WlJiSS (mm/rev) Hole Depth : 1 1 7mm l&WM Work Material :S50C(1 80HB) Use of a double margin increases the guide Use of a double margin increases drilling straightness by controlling drill Drilling surface roughness and tool life in double margin Double Margin Single Margin KUJbTooi:5xl30xl80X5 ftSS Hole Depth: 100mm MSI! Cutting Speed : 80m/min KBJW Work Material: S53C ilDSH Feed: 764mm/min(0.15mm/rev) tDBifiSJ cutting Fluid: MQL Satisfactory regrinding recoating Limiting the coating range to the tip controls multiple coatings...

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MQL Power Long Drill 15D Point angle

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MQL Power Long Drill MQL Power Long Drill 20D Point angle

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MQL Power Long Drill 25D Point angle

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MQL Power Long Drill Standard Drilling Condition 1) Utilize the standard drilling condition shown in the catalogs just as the general guide, when starting operation. 2) Adjust drilling condition when unusual vibration, different sound occur by cutting. 3) When using low speed machines, use the maximum speed and adjust the feed rate.

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Recommended usage for MQLPLD Jj'f KAJPI ( ~F9~F \*V)\>3~3)\>—h) Guide holedrilling(AQUA Drill 3 Fiute) mxmtmmm. m&Dtomaizit. xy F-MJH?. We recommend pre-drilling of guide holes. Depth is 2 to 3D. We recommend the AQUA Drill 3 Flutes for guide hole drilling. Select one with the same diameter as the MQLPLD in case of If the part is canted or misshapen, use an end mill to make a flat Deep hole drilling(lnsert it in a guide hole) Insert into the guide hole at low speed until 2 to 3 mm from the bottom of the guide hole. Deep hole drilling Deep hole drilling(Completion) Start drilling at normal...

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