Mold Meister Ball


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Mold Meister Ball

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The most suitable high precision end mill which makes Precision Mold polishing less RffiJH± 3//ITI Ball tolerance ) accuracy range Enlarged R tolerance range from ball edge to outside cutting edge Inspection results sheet WtWfcO&lWftftZVt Sharp cutting edge NACH[-FUJ[KOSH[ CORP. cutting length contour line milling WU^f Milling Condition Cutting Speed Work Material Cutting Fluid Air blow

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riiffiJUini High precision milling (Theory value of a gap of milling surface |Actual survey value of a gap of milling surface Work Material Mold steels, Pre-Hardened steels, Carbon steels, Alloy steels, Stainless steels, Nickel alloys, Titanium alloys, Cast Irons Stocked Sizes Ball tolerance

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EVtOHIIftft Standard Milling Condition, Conventional Condition High Speed Condition 1) Use in wet condition in case of Stainless Steels. 2) When using low speed machines, use the maximum speed and adjust the feed rate 3) Adjust milling condition when unusual vibration, different sound occur by cutting

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