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Inverter Drive NSP series 10-L type

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Inverter Drive NSP Series Inverter Drive NSPSERIES Energy-saving Variable Pump Unit with Inverter Drive 10-L TYPE Compact Compact energy-saving design is best suited for machine tools. Energy saving Greater energy savings by using an inverter drive! Added new compact 10-L type to lineup. Helps reduce space for machines and facilities in factories.

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Inverter Drive NSPSERIES Energy-saving Variable Pump Unit with Inverter Drive Energy Savings Starts with Hydraulics Energy Savings Compact 60% less energy consumption (compared to our standard unit) The base NSP unit enables approximately 40% energy savings compared with our standard unit. By adding the inverter drive approximately 60% energy savings is achieved. Same size even with inverter drive Tanks to almost the same size, the inverter drive NSP unit can replace the base NSP unit without design change of machine. Replacement without machine modification is possible Dwelling energy...

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Added Inverter Drive to a Compact Body Even More Environmentally Friendly and Quiet Lower hydraulic fluid temperatureincrease 1.5 C increase in the ambient temperature Lowering hydraulic fluid temperature increase contributes to a improvement of machining accuracy, an extension of the seals and hydraulic fluid life, and a reduction of the factory air conditioning costs. Improve machining accuracy Easy Operation and Reliable Performance Immediate start just by turning on the power The inverter drive NSP unit can be started easily just by turning on the power. Just flip a single switch after...

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Explanation of model numbers Power supply Rated input current Adjustable pressure range Output flow (at no load) Hydraulic fluid Hydraulic fluid temperature Ambient temperature/ Standard mineral-based hydraulic fluid Maintain temperature below 60 C°. Munsell no. 5B6/3 (NACHI color) (Keep the unit away from water-soluble cutting fluid mist.) pressure range Output flow Reservoir size 10 liters Select a model number from the following. Note: The pressure range "A>S" is A2, A3, or A4. * Excluding hydraulic fluic 5 Hydraulic fluid inlet & air breather 6 Hydraulic fluid level gauge ■Turning the...

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