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It is most suitable for into grooving continuously from slotting. It is released in a short type. GS MILL SLOT is stocked in the regular cutting length. Process from drilling to Contour milling Consecutively This endmill having designed originally three flutes can do processing from drilling to contour milling consecutively. Even With Small machine high efficient processing Fluctuation of cutting force is small, and can do high efficiency processing in small spindle machining center. Minimizes fluttering and burr It optimizes ditch shape, and even low hardness and low clamp power such as a sheet restrain vibration and burr. Chip removal is Well Stability processing It is superior to lubricity and hot hardness by new GSX coating, and realize good chip removal and long tool life. Comparison of burr height GSX MILL ZUyb ffittn" GSX MILL SLOT Competitor Three flutes GSX MILL ZUyb ffittn" GSX MILL SLOT Competitor

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Work Material Structural Steels Helix angle Alloy Steels, Pre-hardened Steels Carbon Steels, Cast Irons Hardened Steels Hardened Steels 耐熱合金、 チタン合金 Stainless Steels Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys Milling Conditions 1. ワークや機械によ り振動や異音が発生する きは、 と 状況に応じて切削条件を変更してく ださい。 2. 使用の機械の最高回転数が基準切削条件に達しない場合は、 ご 最高回転数でご使用く ださい。 その場合、 送り速度も同じ比率で下げてく ださい。 3. 安定した加工を行う ためには、 剛性のある精度の高い機械 ホルダーをご使用く ・ ださい。 4. ドライ加工の場合はエアーブロー

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