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GSX MILL Roughing

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By fracture-resistant-related improvement, it is high efficiency of the further rough milling Improved durability by optimizing cutting edge and nick shapes. ffettpp Comoetitor GSX coating provides longer life with greater heat and wear resistance. GSX is a multi-layered Al-Cr-Ti alloy coating Improved heat and wear resistance support high-speed dry milling of very hard materials Plus, chip ejection is also great. Oxidation onset temperature Small cutting vibration ffettpp Comoetitor Great chip ejection in a large pocket Milling Condition Cutting Speed Work Material Cutting Fluid Water...

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Excellent chipping resistance in the groove Work Material Cutting Fluid Water Soluble Milling Length Good pocket milling by robust nick edge Work Material Cutting Fluid Water Soluble Milling Length GSX MILL ■Z'j'fyt? GSX MILL Roughing

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gtgtjjjjjlj^ff Standard Milling Condition IR'JSADX Side Milling 1. Use highly rigid machining center and holder. 2. Use in wet condition in case of Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys. 3. In case of contour milling, please reduce feed rate from the value in the chart. When diameter is under 10mm, it makes 25% of values in the chart. When it is above 10mm, it makes 20% of values in the chart. However, when horizontal machining center it is used, it does not apply.

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