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DURO-V5 - 1

DURO-V5 Special steel for cold working precise die and mold DURO-V5 Well balanced steel in high wear resistance and high toughness!! Better DURO-V5 is made by using NACHI's original steel manufacturing and refining technologies. It combines the toughness of Matrix HSS with the wear resistance that is higher than SKH51 (M2). High purification reduces levels of non-metallic inclusions for super toughness and great fatigue strength Carbide volume and size are the best controlled to get superior balance of toughness and wear resistance. DURO Series V2 Toughness F1 V5 F3, F7 PM HSS * Matrix HSS SKH51 (M2) SKD11 (D2) SP HSS Die and mold steel Better Wear resistance * Matrix HSS: Tough HSS grades with less carbides. Features Applications Cold working die and mold steel Features Hardness (HRC) Higher wear resistance than Matrix HSS or SKH51 (M2). Good toughness like Matrix HSS and higher than SKH51 (M2). Well balanced wear resistance and toughness in the range of 60 to 62 HRC. 56 ~ 62 Applications Fine-blanking die for hard-workable materials like high-tensile steel sheets Thin round punch which requires toughness Thin or complex shape blanking punch which requires toughness Die and mold for cold forging Mandrel for flow-forming process Heat treatment conditions Recommended heat treatment conditions Quenching Tempering Hardness (°C) (°C) (HRC) [For toughness] 1140 580 × 2 times 60.0 [Standard] 1160 560 × 2 times 62.0 Heat treatment hardness (HRC) Hardness chart 66 64 62 Quenching temperature 1160°C 1140°C 1120°C 1100°C 1080°C 60 58 56 * Hardness may be 2 HRC lower than this chart if you use vacuum furnace. 54 AsQ 540 560 580 600 Tempering temperature (°C)

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DURO-V5 - 2

DURO-V5 Special steel for cold working precise die and mold Mechanical properties Wear resistance 5 0.20 Ogoshi wear tester Rotor: SCM435 Distance: 200 m Final load: 6.3 kg Wear ratio (mm3/kgf m) 4 0.15 SKH51 (M2) (62 HRC) Distortion (%) ×10-4 Dimensional change after heat treatment 3 Matrix HSS (60 HRC) 2 Axial direction 0.10 Radial direction 0.05 0.00 1 −0.05 DURO-V5 (60 HRC) Better 0 0 1 2 3 −0.10 4 AsQ Friction speed (m/s) 540 560 Bending fracture strength 120 DURO-V5 DURO-V5 5.0 Matrix HSS 3-point bend Span: 50 mm 4.8 4.6 SKH51 (M2) 4.4 80 Matrix HSS 60 40 SKH51 (M2) 20 SKH51 (M2) 60...

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