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Performance Characteristics Discharge rate 16cm3/rev, Motor2.2kW NSP Series 40 2 {290} 4 {578} 6 {869} 8 {1158} 0 0.0 2 {290} Discharge pressure P Mpa {psi} 4 {579} 6 {869} 8 {1158} Note: The noise characteristics depend on the installation floor, base conditions and the presence or absence of the surrounding substance reflecting the sound, and so may be different from the above description in some cases. 38.1±0.2 38 0 1 2 3 4 FC pressure 5.0Mpa {724psi} 10 FC pressure 3.5Mpa {507psi} 0 Time (Hr) 1 2 3 4 Time (Hr) Precautions for selection ●Type combination ●Mounted manifold block qThe right-hand table Motor kW 0.75 1.5 2.2 shows the standard Pump 0A combination between 1A pumps and motors. wA tank capacity of 30 liters is optional. eThe block mounting type is provided with a shut-off plate. ™ ™ ™ ™ ●Circuit configuration qThe basic configuration comprises a NACHICCO ) as a standard product plus external (NSPmanifold (circuit). wPiping should be arranged with a sufficient deflection between the NACHICCO and external manifold. ■ We recommend use of a hose having a normal pressure of 14 MPa {2027 psi} and a length of about 1 through 2 meters (40~80 inch). ■ The maximum peak pressure (set pressure + surge pressure) should not exceed 14 MPa {2027 psi}. ■ When the pressure rises above 14 MPa {2027 psi} , install a relief valve for surge cutting on the circuit side. qWhen a manifold block (optional) is mounted on the pump, the total weight of the block and valve should not exceed 15 kg (33.07 lbs). Type of block Weight of block Allowance for additional mounting 38 F1 • R1 F2 • R2 F3 kg 04.5 6.5 8.5 (lbs) (9.92) (14.33) (18.74) kg 10.5 8.5 6.5 (lbs) (23.15) (18.74) (14.33) wWhen you want to install the circuit, consult our company. ●Specifications for painting qThe inner and outer sides of the tank and motor portion are provided with melamine resin baking, and the pump portion is provided with lacquer blowing. Their color conforms to Fujikoshi standard color (Munsell NO.5B6/3). wFor the color of exterior features, consult our company. B1 A1 A2 To 15.5 78 63 P 2~Rc3/8 T 30 30 P To Rc3/8 15 (30) (30) B2 B A 78 63 T 78 P 2~Rc3/8 2~Rc3/8 18 R1 47 R2 47 Energy saving type friendly to the earth • Options 1. Block B should be selected from among the above-mentioned five types of F1 through R2. 2. The sketch on the left shows the shape of the oil level gauge T with thermometer. 49 34 T 18 B3 (01) P G25 5~Rc3/8 P A3 NSP Series To B1 F3 6~Rc3/8 A2 B2 (01) 80 80 P T 105 B 17.5±0.2 150 130 A T A 63 49 Oil used: ISO VG32 or its equivalent Speed: 1800min-1 Room temperature: 29°C Motor: 0.75~2.2kW 58 15 38.1 ±0.2 41.5 Notes: 1. For 5.0 MPa {724 psi} of a 1.10-liter tank, it should be noted that there is a big rise in oil temperature under continuous operation. In this case, we recommend use of a 20-liter tank. 2. Rise of oil temperature depends on the conditions of using an actual machine, and so may be different from the above description in some cases. 0 B 55 30 30 FC pressure 7.0Mpa {1014psi} For hydraulic A1 circuit F3 (01) 47 3~Rc3/8 (The value on the left-hand drawing represents typical characteristics under the following conditions). 34 20 78 109 145 176 F2 15 Conditions Tank capacity 20R A3 8~Rc3/8 To 0 B 17.5±0.2 80 100 FC pressure 3.5Mpa {507psi} 10 T B3 T 28 59 4~ ø8.5 Cutoff ø14X10 Counterbore 78 A2 F1 47 78 FC pressure 5.0Mpa {724psi} 20 Oil temperature rise (room temperature difference)(:) Oil temperature rise (room temperature difference)(:) Tank capacity 10R B2 P 95 126 78 30 B1 28 6~Rc3/8 P (30) A1 28 59 89 41.5 Type : NSP— ✽ ✽ — ✽ V1A ✽ —13 34 B2 P T Compact Variable Pump Unit 127 A2 A T B 200 78 A1 4~Rc3/8 A B 15 B1 A eOil temperature characteristics 30 17.5±0.2 To 49 (30) T P P B Rc3/8 49 38 27 77 150 A T P 49 T 78 17.5±0.2 58 To B 28 A T P 38 27 78 38 58 A T B 78 B P 4~ ø8.5 Cutoff ø14X10 Counterbore Set pressure at the time of FC P Mpa {psi} 49 (30) P 63 Discharge rate 8cm3/rev, Motor1.5kW A 77 106 38.1±0.2 28 ø 25 0.5 50 Oil used: ISO VG32 or its equivalent Oil temperature: 40±5°C Speed: 1800min-1 Measuring distance: 1 meter around the unit T B 49 34 Standard unit Conventional NACHICCO 60 A P 38.1±0.2 78 4~ ø8.5 Cutoff ø14X10 Counterbore Rc3/8 126 15 40%down (The value in the left-hand drawing represents typical characteristics under the following conditions). 28 63 1.0 Conditions 4~ ø8.5 Cutoff ø14X10 Counterbore Rc3/8 Surge cut relief valve 38.1±0.2 4~ø8.5 Cutoff ø14X10 Counterbore 17.5±0.2 Condition (Full cutoff: when pressure is held) Motor -- Number of poles:2.2kW-4P Voltage -- Frequency : 200V-60Hz 176 Type : NSP—20— ✽ V ✽ A4—13 34 70 Noise level dB (A) Power consumption L (kW) 1.5 wNoise characteristics Type : NSP— ✽ ✽ —22V ✽ A4—13 49 qPower consumption Details of options Note: Adjustment of the surge cut relief valve is strictly prohibited. Handling procedure ●Precautions in startup qCheck if the tank is filled with hydraulic oil up to the specified level. Å Upper limit, Yellow mark: specified oil level (nominal capacity) ıLower limit, Red mark: minimum oil level Hydraulic oil: Based on general mineral oil, ISO VG32 or its equivalent wElectric connection should be made correctly according to the following procedure: Phases of motor side and power supply side U➞R V➞S W➞ T a If electric connection is incorrect: ¡The motor pump rotates in the reverse direction without discharging oil. If the operation is continued, the pump may be damaged. ¡Use the pressure gauge mounted on the discharge side and make sure that pressure rises. eRepeat the procedure of starting and stopping the motor. Remove air from inside the pump and suction pipe. (You can remove air more quickly if you remove loads from the circuit.) ●Pressure and discharge rate adjustment procedure Pressure adjusting screw Pressure gauge Discharge rate adjusting screw Clockwise rotation Decrease Counterclockwise rotation Increase Clockwise rotation Up Counterclockwise rotation Down Note: Do not touch any screw except for the above-mentioned adjusting screw. ●Maintenance and inspection qOil temperature: Use it at the temperature from 10 to 60 °C . wHydraulic oil replacement interval: Replace hydraulic oil three months after the start of operation in the beginning. Then replace it whenever contamination has been observed or after the lapse of one year. eInspection and cleaning of tank interior and strainer: every 6 months or every 4000 hours (whichever comes first) ●Ambient temperature qTemperature: 10 to 35 °C wDo not use the mist of water soluble coolant. NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. (TOKYO HEAD OFFICE) Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg., 1-9-2 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021 Tel:+81-(0)3-5568-5240 Fax:+81-(0)3-5568-5236 URL: NACHI AMERICA INC. NACHI EUROPE GmbH 715 Pushville Road, Greenwood, Indiana, 46143, U.S.A. Tel:+1-317-530-1001 Fax:+1-317-530-1011 URL: Bischofstrasse 99, 47809, Krefeld, GERMANY Tel:+49-(0)2151-65046-0 Fax:+49-(0)2151-65046-90 URL: NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. THAILAND REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE U.K. BRANCH Unit 23/109(A), Fl. 24th Sorachai Bldg., 23 Sukhumvit 63 Road (Ekamai), Klongtonnua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, THAILAND Tel:+66-2-714-0008 Fax:+66-2-714-0740 NACHI SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. No.2 Joo Koon Way, Jurong Town, Singapore 628943, SINGAPORE Tel:+65-65587393 Fax:+65-65587371 Unit 7, Junction Six Industrial Estate, Electric Avenue, Birmingham B6 7JJ, U.K. Tel:+44-(0)121-250-1880 Fax:+44-(0)121-250-1889 CATALOG NO. H1062E-3 2010.12.Y-SE-SE Powerful & Compact

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