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Precision Reduction Gear RV High-speed gearhead

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GH SERIES, High speed Gearheads taking your servomotor performance to the limit The GH SERIES provides signicant advantages in terms of ease-of-use. It is based on a highly successful product, the Precision Reduction Gear RV, used in various applications around the world.

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\ Technical Information ^Selection Flow Chart_/ 08 \External Dimension Drawing Reduction Gear \ 2 \ Model Code Selection (Precautions)_\ ~J \External Dimension Drawing input spline set / 18 \External Dimension Drawing Motor Flange / 22 Combination with Non-standard Product 24 XWarranty_/ Back inside cover

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Features and Congurations The double-end support design and unique pin gear mechanism provide the following advantages: High reliability High rigidity High precision High speed (1) Capable of 7 times the rated torque (2) High rigidity as well as small backlash [6 arc.min] (3) Capable of high output speed with low reduction ratio (1/11 to 1/31) (4) High torque density A set of internal main bearings (large angular ball bearings) Heavy load support enables complete support of heavy external loads. (1) Pre greased (2) Easy motor mounting thanks to the special input spline and motor flange....

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Rotation of the servomotor is transmitted through the input gear to the spur gears, and the speed is reduced accordingly with the gear ratio between the input gear and the spur gears. This is the first reduction section . Since they are directly connected, the crankshafts have the same rotational speed as the spur gears . Input gear Two RV gears are mounted around the needle bearings on the eccentric region of the crankshaft. (In order to balance the equal amount of force, two RV gears are mounted) . Spur gear When the crankshafts rotate, the RV gears mounted on the eccentric sections also...

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Specications Rating Table (*1) Model Code Ratio Code Rated Output Speed (No) Momentary Maximum Torque Nm (Kgfm) 480 Startup/ Stop Torque (Representative value) Intermittent Operation Continuous Operation Lost motion Allowable Output Speed Backlash Allowable Torque arc.min arc.min Torsionalrigidity representative value Nm/ arc.min (Kgfm/ arc.min.) Inertia Moment I (I=GD2/4) Input Shaft Equivalent *1. The rating table shows the specification values of each reduction gear. *2. The allowable output speed may be limited by heat depending on the operation rate. If you use this product with the...

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Technical Information

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Considering the use of the GH SERIES This product features high precision and high rigidity, however,it is necessary to strictly comply with various restrictions and make appropriate to maximize the product’s features. Please read this technical document thoroughly and select and adopt an appropriate model based on the actual operating environment, method, and conditions your facility. Export • When this product is exported from Japan, it may be subject to the export regulations provided in the “Foreign Exchange Order and Export Trade Control Order”. Be sure to take sufcient precautions and...

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Glossary Life Rating Rigidity (Torsional Rigidity and Lost Motion) and Backlash The lifetime resulting from the operation with the rated torque and the rated output speed is referred to as the “life rating”. For the GH series, the life rating is 6,000 hours continuous. When torque is applied to the output shaft while the input shaft is fixed, torsion is generated on the output shaft according to the torque value and a hysteresis curve results. • The value of b/a is referred to as “torsional rigidity”. • The torsion angle at the mid point of the hysteresis curve width at ±3% of rated torque...

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Selection Flow Chart Check the condition of the load torque applied to the reduction gear. A sample diagram is shown below. (1) Study of load characteristics Calculation of average load torque (Tm) Calculation of average output speed (Nm) External shock torque Tem Load cycle diagram Select the reduction gear with the higher model number. Calculation of life rating (Lh) Provisionally select the model number from the Rating Table. Rotation load torque Max torque for startup Constant torque t1 t2 t3 Shock apply time Acceleration Constant Deceleration tem time operation time time Lh Required...

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(2) Study of main bearing capacity Selection example Check the condition of external load applied to the reduction gear. (1) Determine load characteristics When the load moment and the axial load are applied concurrently, • Selection condition ensure that the reduction gear is T1 = 391 Nm T2 = 98 Nm T3 = 193 Nm Tem = 2600 Nm used within the corresponding t1 = 0.1 sec t2 = 0.15 sec t3 = 0.1 sec tem = 0.02 sec allowable moment range, N1 = N3 = 50 rpm N2 = 100 rpm Nem = 100 rpm which is indicated in the Allowable Moment Diagram. Determine average load torque Study of axial load (W2) •...

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Performance No-load running torque Case temperature: 20˚C Lubricant: The no-load running torque that is converted to the input shaft side value should be figured out according to the following equation: Input shaft equivalent = no-load running torque (Nm) Input shaft equivalent no-load running torque (Nm) Speed ratio Input shaft equivalent no-load running torque (Nm) Output shaft speed (rpm)

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Model Code When ordering or making an inquiry, use the following model code. Output shaft type code Selection of model code 1. Only 21 and 31 can be used as the ratio code of the GH100. 2. Only the flange type output shaft is available for the GH100. 3. Select the model code according to the attached Quick Selection Table of Model Code. 4. When you use a servomotor not listed in the Quick Selection Table of Model Code, select the parts compatible with the servomotor from among the input spline sets and motor flanges (standard/semi-processed product) that we provide (refer to pages 17 to...

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External Dimension Drawing Reduction Gear

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External Dimension Drawing GH24 Reduction Gear

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External Dimension Drawing GH100 Reduction Gear

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