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AF series - 1

Precision Reduction Gear RV Compact Actuator

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AF series - 2

Contributing to society with our ‘Moving it. Stopping it.’ technologies Nabtesco's technologies supporting society Nabtesco manufactures products which are used in everyday life. Our high-accuracy components are essential for moving objects; they may be rarely visible, but are the foundation of everyday objects that you see moving and wonder how. Nabtesco’s technologies are found throughout objects that move and stop people’ s lives. Do or s Ro bo ts Precision reduction gears precisely move and stop industrial robots. Co ns tru cti on ma ch ine ry Running motors and control valves start and...

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AF series - 3

CONTENTSWho is Nabtesco? The key words for Nabtesco are ‘motion control'. We use our strengths in the fields of component and systems technologies to develop highly creative products. Through the Nabtesco Group as a whole, we can also utilize our advantage of expertise to maximum effect in order to further enhance these strengths. In the air, on land and at sea, we have a leading share in various fields of both international and domestic markets. Nabtesco will continue to evolve by utilizing its strengths in many fields and by exploring the possibilities of the future. April 2002 Initiation...

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AF series - 4

Evolving into Do you want to automate –but don’t have the time to spend selecting, designing and producing components? The AF series was created to provide a solution in such circumstances-to achieve automation as simple and quickly as possible. This has been achieved by integrating our precision reduction gear RV with servomotors from Panasonic Corporation into a simple, compact design. The resulting high quality unified drive section ensures safety, comfort, and a sense of security. Servo Motor Flange Grease

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AF series - 5

: 60% of the global market share RV precision gears utilize a planocentric deceleration mechanism for high-precision control. RV precision gears are compact and lightweight, and because RV precision gears include many simultaneously meshing surfaces, they feature high rigidity and strong resistance to overload. The design of the RV precision gear minimizes backlash, rotational vibration, and inertia; which leads to excellent acceleration performance, smooth movement, and high positioning accuracy. RV precision gears have a proven track record in many fields of automation, including:...

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AF series - 6

Main Applications The following are example applications of automation using the AF series. However, these precision gears can be incorporated into a variety of other applications. Palletizing robot and Index table Various types of positioners

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AF series - 7

Gantry loader and ATC magazine SCARA robot and Cylindrical coordinate robot

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AF series - 8

Benefits The AF series can solve your problems. Merit 1 Compact design With the AF series... The machining of gears onto the motor shaft results in a very compact design; The total length is extended due to the input gear and coupling. up to 23% shorter than conventional models. Greater reliability Machining is very difficult, resulting in axial runout, poor concentricity accuracy, and producing abnormal noise. Shipped after machining and assembly, no need to worry about abnormal noise. Greater quality O-ring or liquid sealant Greaseing can be troublesome, If seals are forgotten, grease can...

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AF series - 9

Overall Wiring Analog monitor cable Connection to PC Brake cable External regenerative resister Setup support software ® “PANATERM ” Please download from our web site. External regenerative connector Control I/O signal cable Host controller Motor cable Connection to encoder DC Power supply for brake DC24 V Panasonic servo driver Features of Panasonic Servo Driver Features of Panasonic Servo Driver High response Smart Intelligent Easy Easy Operational speed is increased by the newly developed LSI and high response controls. With industry leading speed and positioning response, a highly...

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AF series - 10

Structure •Solid type (AF017N) Signal connector Power connector Precision reduction •Solid type (AF042N, AF125N, AF380N, AF500N) Signal connector Power/brake connector Precision reduction

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AF series - 11

•Hollow shaft type (AF200C, AF320C) Signal connector Center tube (Hollow section) Precision reduction gear RV Rotation section selection For this product, the fixed and rotation sections can be selected. Select appropriate fixed and rotation sections according to the requirements for the customer’s device. •Rotation section of case-fixed shaft rotation model •Rotation section of shaft-fixed case rotation model Rotation section Rotation section Rotation section Solid type Solid type Hollow shaft type Hollow shaft type : Rotation section * Note) When using this product with case rotation, be...

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AF series - 12

Principle of speed reduction The RV is a 2-stage precision reduction gear. Spur gear reduction • An input gear engages with and rotates spur gears that are coupled to crankshafts. Several overall gear ratios can be provided by selecting various first stage ratios. Epicyclic gear reduction • Crankshafts driven by the spur gears cause an eccentric motion of two epicyclic gears called RV gears that are offset 180 degrees from one another to provide a balanced load. • The eccentric motion of the RV gears causes engagement of the cycloidal shaped gear teeth with cylindrically shaped pins located...

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AF series - 13

Option code 0: Without motor brake S: Single oil seal Single oil seal is standard. D: Double oil seal Double oil seal is standard. 0: Standard component Indicates the option code. Currently, only the code for standard components is available. Rotation direction The relationship between the motor rotation direction and output stage rotation direction is shown below. As the motor rotation direction and output stage rotation direction may be reversed, check the following table. The information in the table above indicates the rotation direction viewed from the output stage side. Note: CW...

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