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Process Control and Documentation

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Process Control and Documentation HiProSystems Control and Documentation This professional control system for single and multi-zone furnaces is based on Siemens hardware and can be adapted and upgraded extensively. HiProSystems control is used when more than two process-dependent functions, such as exhaust air flaps, cooling fans, automatic movements, etc., have to be handled during a cycle, when furnaces with more than one zone have to be controlled, when special documentation of each batch is required and when remote telediagnostic service is required. It is flexible and is easily tailored to your process or documentation needs. Alternative User Interfaces Touch panel H 500/H 700 This basic panel accommodates most basic needs and is very easy to use. Touch panel H 1700 Firing cycle data and the extra functions activated are clearly displayed in a table. Messages appear as text. Touch panel H 3700 All functions and process data are stored and displayed in easy to read charts. The data can be exported through various interfaces (Ethernet TCP/IP, MPI, Profibus) to a local PC or your company network for further processing. A CF card also gives the opportunity for data storage and transfer to a PC with a card reader. PC for HiProSystems control in a separate cabinet H 1700 with colored, tabular depiction of the data H 3700 with colored graphic presentation of data For Control, Visualisation and Documentation Nabertherm Control Center NCC Upgrading the HiProSystems-Control individually into an NCC provides for additional interfaces, operating documentation, and service benefits in particular for controlling furnace groups including charge beyond the furnace itself (quenching tank, cooling station etc.): Recommended for heat treatment processes with extensive requirements in respect to documentation e.g. for metals, technical ceramics or in the medicine field Software can be used also in accordance with the AMS 2750 E (NADCAP) Documentation according to the requirements of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Part 11, EGV 1642/03 possible Charge data can be read in via barcodes Interface for connection to existing Enterprise Database systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle) Connection to mobile phone network for alarm message transmission via SMS Control from various locations over the network Calibration of each measuring point for a specific temperature possible Extendable for calibration of a polygonal line with up to 18 temperatures per measuring point for use at different temperatures e.g for AMS 2750 E applications For Documentation Nabertherm Documentation Center NDC and data recording via NTLog If the process data of the HiProSystems control unit only need to be recorded, this can be done using a personal computer (PC) with the high-performance NDC software. The data are documented, forgery-proof, and can be evaluated both in the form of a table or a chart. Individual charge data can be entered by the customer and are archived together with the process data. A low-cost alternative which can be used is the NTLog package. The data is recorded on a USB stick during the firing. After the heat treatment has been completed, the recorded value can be read out on the PC with the free analysis software. Temperature Recorder Besides the documentation via the software which is connected to the controls, Nabertherm offers different temperature recorders which can be used with respect to the application. Data input using touch panel Size of colour display in inch Number of thermocouple inputs Data read-out via USB-stick Input of charge data Evaluation software included Applicable for TUS-measurements acc. to AMS 2750 E

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Documentation of Nabertherm Controller – Extension Module NTLog/NTGraph Basic The extension module NTLog Basic is an economical way to record process data using the respective Nabertherm Controllers (P 300/310/330, B 130/150/180, C 280, all from version 3.0) on a USB stick. For this purpose the controller is enhanced with an intelligent interface adapter to accommodate a USB stick. The process documentation with NTLog Basic requires no additional thermocouples or sensors. Only data recorded which are available in the controller via the control thermocouple (difference instead of real-time,...

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Controltherm MV Software for Control, Visualisation and Documentation Documentation and reproducibility gain increased attention with steadily rising quality standards. The powerful Nabertherm software Controltherm MV provides for an optimum solution for the control and documentation of one or more furnaces as well as charge data on basis of Nabertherm controllers. In the basic version one furnace can be connected to the MV-software. The system can be extended to four, eight or even 16 multi-zone controlled furnaces. Up to 400 different heat treatment programs can be stored. The process...

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