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Digital Dialysate Meters - 1

DIGITAL DIALYSATE METERS Professional, comprehensive water and dialysate quality analysis for The D-6 Dialysate Meter has received FDA 510(h) acceptance for use as a medical device for testing dialysate FDA Device Manufacturing License #s: 65387 (CA), 2020976 (Federal) Water Quality Instrumentation Accuracy ■ Reliability • Simplicity

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Digital Dialysate Meters - 2

Digital Dialysate Meters Advanced Design • Superior Performance Standardized to 3 solution types for extremely accurate temperature compensation and TDS conversion in a wide variety of applications (Default is NaCl) No in-line components, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination with patient dialysate stream Internal sensors offer increased durability and are included with instrument Ability to test 7 solution parameters: Conductivity, pH, TDS, Resistivity, ORP, Free Chlorine and Temperature Both Digital Dialysate Meters are capable of wireless data transfer with bluDock™ option...

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Digital Dialysate Meters - 3

Definitive Dialysate Testing The D-6 and D-4 Digital Dialysate Meters are specifically designed to test both acetate and bicarbonate dialysate quality. There are no strips or reagents that expire or subjective interpretation of results. Measurements display immediately. Quality Assurance in Water Treatment for Hemodialysis Digital Dialysate Meters are a cost effective solution for your clinic’s water treatment testing. Manage Reverse Osmosis Systems, DI Banks, Chlorine Removal, Ultrafiltration and other processes required for dialysate grade water. Test Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH,...

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Digital Dialysate Meters - 4

Date & time stamp Wireless data transfer capable Dimensions: LxWxH Case/conductivity cell material Cell capacities Battery life Operating/storage temperature Protection ratings •®SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS 4 Digit Liquid Crystal Display ORP mV/ppm Free Chlorine Auto Temperature Ratios Preprogrammed "442 Natural Water Standard ™ MYRON L Company bluDock™ Accessory Package includes bluDock™, Macintosh/PC application software MODEL: BLUDOCK Wireless Data Transfer affirming the NIST traceability of a DIGITAL DIALYSATE METER with data are available (must be specified when placing instrument...

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