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VIBRATION CONTROL PHONOLYT® Field of application The ideal component for vibration controlled anchor points for pipes to meet the vibration control requirements of DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 For the attachment of pipes of ⅜“ to DN 1500; can be combined with pipe clamps Versatile use, e. g. for vibration control of support structures made from MPC-Support channels Ideal as vibration decoupled down pipe-support for all pipe types Ideal for vibration controlled fixing of devices such as boilers, pumps, motors, air-conditioning and ventilation systems Suitable for ceiling, wall or floor mounting For sound-decoupled pipeline fixed points Vibration decoupler available in two versions for different duties Isolates the pipe acoustically from the building structure Reduces the structure-borne noise by up to 40 dB(A) Predictable vibration control for planners and users Practical design made for easy installation High static loading capacity Encapsulated vibration control – safety that you can rely on Effective isolation of vibration coupling using vulcanised-in MÜPROLAN The cast-steel vibration-control capsule provides a high degree of safety, even in the case of fire Approved for all installation positions Silicone-free Down-pipe support for all pipe types vibration-decoupled Vibration-decoupled water pipe anchor points fire protection certified Type Average vibration reduction [dB(A)] Safe working load tension/compression FZ,D [N] Axial safe working load Fax [N] Radial safe working load Fq [N] Sales unit Vibration control Pack unit © Müpro - A concept for progress and quality Connecting thread Vibration-decoupled support for equipment

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