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Nameplates © ƒ½„¯ƒÀƒÂƒ¿ – A Concept for Progress and Quality 10/7 08/07 MÜPRO Nameplate System A distinct labelling helps in the prevention of accidents, damage and operating errors. Poor or non-existent labelling of plants, machines or premises often create hazards or impede the day-to-day plant operation, the maintenance work or in cases of emergency. Labelling implemented with the MÜPRO Nameplate System can be utilised in a multitude of commercial and industrial areas, for example in the labelling of pipelines, as a label for indicating how valves and equipment should be operated and maintained, for the labelling of machines and machine parts, as door nameplates for offices, storage rooms and workshops, for shelf labelling or for the labelling of cable conduits, switchgear and displays. Well thought out, flexible utilisation and individually planned, the MÜPRO Nameplate System satisfies the most diverse labelling requirements. We can create labels to your specification as a Laminated Plastic Sign with engraved text or as a Plastic Sign with interchangeable Text Strips. The choice of coloured basic labels allows a colour allocation according to the applicable regulations or for a better overview of an extensive range of labels. High quality printing with your company logo can also have a considerable advertising effect. Flexible attachments allow fixing to almost any object. The MÜPRO Fix System elements will always satisfy these requirements, whether or not mounted directly on the structure or on a wall or, because of spatial requirements or to give a better overview. The MÜPRO Universal Nameplate Support facilitates the attachment onto objects regardless of their diameter or geometry, the necessary flexible adjustment can be made locally. Even mounting in series for a large number of labels can be carried out professionally and in a time-saving manner using Support Channels. We can even supply attachment components in stainless steel for special applications. ... with MÜPRO Universal Nameplate Support Plastic or Laminated Plastic Signs Protective Covers Plastic or Laminated Plastic Signs Protective Covers ... with plug, Threaded Pin and M8 locknut ... with multi-plug and M8 Shoulder Screw ... with MPC Support Channel 27/18 section, M8 Rail Nut and M8 Cylinder Head Screw Plastic or Laminated Plastic Signs Protective Covers

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