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Anchor Plugs © ƒ½„¯ƒÀƒÂƒ¿ – A Concept for Progress and Quality 9/1 08/07 Anchor Plug Selection Load Specifications Unless otherwise indicated, all load specifications in the MÜPRO product data sheets refer to to single Anchor Plugs under a central tensile load. If, in individual cases, the contractor is compelled to use plugs which are approved by the construction-supervisory authorities and/or European technical approval, then the installation specifications of the approval must also be observed. Approval Application Application areas for MÜPRO Anchor Plugs Application Type MÜPRO Steel Anchors MÜPRO Through Anchor MÜPRO Heavy-Duty Anchor BZ MÜPRO Gas Concrete Under Cut Anchor MÜPRO Claw Anchor® MÜPRO Hexagon Screws for Concrete MÜPRO MPC Mounting Anchor MÜPRO Universal Expansion Anchor MÜPRO Cavity Plug MÜPRO Toggle Plug MÜPRO Nylon Plug MÜPRO Ventilated-Brick Plug MÜPRO Multi-Purpose Plug MÜPRO Nail Plug MÜPRO Bolt Screw Plug MÜPRO-PHONEX® Anchor MÜPRO Chemical Reaction Anchor MÜPRO Injection Anchor XV Concrete Lime-sand brick Solid brick Natural stone (hard) Perforated brick Gas concrete Pumice Plaster board Solid gypsum brick Chip board wood Trapezoidal sheet ceilings Vibration control Approved by the construction supervisory authorities / European Technical Approval.

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