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Over the past decade, critical control systems have increasingly adopted information technologies such asWindows > , EthernetΙ, TCP/IP and web services. Unfortunately this means that PLC, DCS and SCADAsystems are also exposed to attacks from viruses, hackers and even terrorist threats from around the world.Even with industries best efforts to separate control systems from the outside world, 100% isolation is nolonger possible. Traditional firewalls are too complex for most control professionals to configure correctly and this problem is compounded by the location of the control devices...

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If you haven't seen Tofino > TM yet,you will. It is a revolutionary edgefirewall that was designed to protectcontrollers and field devices.Ӕ > "Tofino > TM exceeded our expectationsduring our pilot testing. We threwour best hacking and DoSammunition at the protected PLC andTofino > TM blocked every attempt,while still allowing authorizedcontrols communication to flowunimpeded. Our operators neversaw a difference. Tofino > TM can, anddoes, provide the necessaryprotection for our plant devices.ٔ > The Tofino > TM device is a cool thing- it allows a PLC type who has noidea what he's doing...

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TOFINO TM SECURITYAPPLIANCE AUSTRALIA JAPAN MTL Instruments Pty Ltd, 1/30 Canvale RoadCanning Vale, Perth, WA 6155 MTL Instruments KK, 3rd FloorGotanda Masujima Building 1-8-13 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-Ku Tokyo 141-0022 T + 81 (0)3 5420 1281 F + 81 (0)3 5420 2405 E T + 61 (0)8 9455 2994 F + 61 (0)8 9455 2805 E CANADA MTL Canada Safety Instrumentation#102, 4249 97 Street, Edmonton Alberta, T6E 5Y7 NETHERLANDS MTL Instruments BV, de Houtakker 336681 CW Bemmel T +1 780 485 3132 F +1 780 485 3122E-mail: T +31 (0)481 450250 F +31 (0)481...

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