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CROUSE-HINDS SERIES Flexible wireless solutions for industrial applications Powering Business Worldwide

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In today’s process industries there is increasing demand for greater efficiency, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of a project. These demands are placed directly on field equipment and supporting networks. Technological advancement over the past decade has enabled a wide array of wireless devices to be deployed both into safe and hazardous areas, bringing with it the benefits of mobility, ease of installation and diagnostic capability. Communication standards are evolving to satisfy industrial requirements and to enhance the reliability and security of...

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MTL offers end-to-end or part solutions to meet the requirements of your project. From plant-wide 802.11 network infrastructure in hazardous areas to simple transducer cable replacement, MTL brings the experience and the products to offer robust and secure wireless systems. MTL wireless technology supports industry standard connections and protocols, maximizing flexibility and reducing inventory costs. Wireless technology can be used to solve physical problems such as: • Cabling repeatedly damaged or EMC issues on site • Mobile data access (personnel, rotating machines, vehicles) • Large...

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MTL Wireless Applications Cable replacement Cabling a sensor into a monitoring system can exceed the cost of the measurement equipment. Significant time can also be spent on installation which ultimately affects decisions on whether a variable is monitored or not. MTL wireless networks make it more cost effective to deploy a sensor or transducer link. Real cost benefits can be seen for distances over 200 metres and in some cases at even shorter ranges. The MTL cable replacement solution is easy to install without configuration, reducing installation and commissioning time scales. Simplex...

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Multi-purpose sensor I/O networks Transferring sensor data back to the control room or for output on a remote location can require complex cabling and marshalling. MTL’s sensor I/O interfaces can be deployed to send and receive sensor signal data from multiple devices using 4-20mA, 0-10V or digital inputs and outputs. Several banks of I/O can be connected to a single radio and then send over a distance through point to point, point to multipoint or meshing repeater networks. Configurable I/O interface permits different device types to connect through a single network Multiple banks of I/O...

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MTL offers complete robust solutions for wireless network infrastructure both in and out of hazardous areas. MTL can extend the plant network into Zone 1 / Div 1, Zone 2 / Div 2 and safe areas making network and device data easily and securely accessible across a plant. Intrinsically safe wireless Ethernet access points and clients promote safe operation and reduce maintenance costs. Hazardous Area Network VJWireless networking in hazardous areas Safe area / Zone 2 / Div 2 ▲ Multiple end devices connected to a single MTL wireless product reduces network interfacing costs Live maintenance in...

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Flexible, secure wireless networks MTL Wireless LAN’s (local area networks) feature 802.11 compliant radio communication to bring Ethernet and sensor device data back to the control room through a combination of wireless access points, clients and interfaces. Featuring advanced security, link status notification and redundant wireless link capability, MTL wireless networks ensure easy installation, robust and secure deployment plant wide. Plant Network Wireless LAN backbone provides both mobile operator and remote device connectivity. Repeater mesh operation provides coverage without direct...

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Wireless Serial Networks Serial interfacing is one of the most well supported data transfer methods between industrial devices. MTL provides an easy to use and secure serial to wireless interface for industrial devices such as intelligent transducers, PLCs, data loggers and temperature multiplexers. MTL wireless connections provide superior range and networking options both in and out of a plant. Multiple repeater capability provides wide area coverage Data output as both RS232 and RS485 eliminates the need for converters Network Topologies MTL serial modems can transparently multicast...

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Wireless Modbus systems MTL offers high level flexibility when wirelessly enabling hosted networks such as supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) and distributed control systems (DCS). Modbus TCP and RTU protocols are supported by MTL wireless networks, offering communications used by a wide range of devices such as Ethernet/serial PLCs, data loggers and I/O. MTL Modbus solutions can be configured to operate standalone or provide a transparent link to an external master Optional External Modbus Master Transparent, master or slave mode TCP to RTU conversion enables combined Ethernet...

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The Products Our range of wireless products can be deployed to communicate mA, voltage, digital, pulsed, Ethernet and serial data over wireless connections. Products can be selected for a wide range of licensed or license-free frequencies for operation in many different countries. MTL wireless products contain high quality radios to ensure that wireless signals are reliably received where and when they are required.

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WIO-900L and WIO-800L Easy wireless I/O The WIO-900L and 800L simply and reliably communicate transducer and switch data by providing a 4-20mA, mV and digital interface in a small footprint radio. The sensor data is transmitted to a remote output as digital and 4-20mA effectively replacing the cable. Line of sight distances of up to 10km for the WIO-800L and 20 miles for the WIO-900L are achievable making this product useful for short or long range communication. • Simple setup – out of the box solution • 4-20mA, digital and mV thermocouple signal transfer • Communication status indication...

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WMO-900S and WMO-800S Serial Modems The WMO-900S and 800S serial modems provide remote serial connectivity. Possessing both RS232 and RS485 ports for communication, this device is configurable for a variety of network topologies. • Wirelessly enables RS232 and RS485 devices • Repeater functionality for extended range • Transparent mode for easy data transfer • Controlled mode with link checking • License free operation • Hazardous area mountable 9469-ET - Hazardous area wireless access point The 9469-ET provides a low maintenance 802.11 compliant secure network in hazardous areas. The...

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