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CROUSE-HINDS SERIES *"" ^ MTL water & wastewater solutions 1 q»T' .U *’ * . <*«■*■«•*\y >^*+f'i3 V,W r. ?\. r~J»j “'•i&r ? j^r*» Controlling, operating and protecting assets in water & wastewater F:T*N Powering Business Worldwide

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Contents MTL water & wastewater product applications 4 MTL signal conditioning, intrinsic safety and HART® interfacing 5 MTL industrial networking solutions 8 MTL industrial security solution 9 MTL process alarm equipment 10 Only Eaton can deliver... • Protection and safety of people and assets around the world with unsurpassed reliability and quality in every product we offer • Industry-leading innovation and product efficiency • Product solutions designed and certified for global specifications • Best-in-class, global sales and customer service teams that provide local...

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At Eaton we understand that water and wastewater plants are a huge investment and an essential resource. The population and the local industry depend upon these plants to provide a continuous and safe output of clean water. Any inefficiency in controls and instrumentation could result in a major health and safety risk through accidental spills or contamination. All of which can result in possible health issues, environmental fines, downtime, public perception issues, revenue loss and budget depletion caused by emergency repairs and overtime cost. Modern treatment plants are...

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MTL water & wastewater product applications: where the solutions connect clean water MTL signal conditioning, intrinsic safety and HART® interfacing 1 MTL industrial networking solutions MTL industrial security solution MTL process alarm equipment Water treatment facilities monitor and control miles of distributed instrumentation and processes so high-availability is of the utmost importance. Eaton has the capability to deliver both large and small hazardous area application solutions for water treatment, waste water treatment, pump station controls, SCADA and remote networking. This is...

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flow monitors are all accommodated. All from a PC to the HART® field devices for With water & wastewater plants spread over wide areas and the demand for more information, the transfer of electrical signals present many challenges. High power devices mixed in with low level signal transfer generates an environment which has an adverse effect on the ability to control and measure the processes. Signal conditioning has a major contribution to resolving issues such as with varying ground potentials, reducing signal noise and eliminating earth loops. It also protects sensitive control equipment...

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Surge protection is critical within the water industry for protecting equipment and processes from failure and downtime. Typically, water/wastewater plants have facilities that are located remotely and are often unmanned. This can entail long and complex cable runs and thus are more susceptible to surge interference. High magnitude surge over-voltages can occur on electrical power or signal lines and can lead to catastrophic failure of process control systems and instrumentation. Common causes can be events such as direct/indirect lightning strikes or transient events such as switching of...

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MTL network and comms protection devices MTL ZoneMaster range The MTL ZoneMaster All-Mode is available in units with 200kA, 240kA, 340kA and 400kA ratings while the ZoneMaster has 170kA or 200kA ratings. All ZoneMaster units are engineered to protect the most critical electronic systems, suppressing surges at the main service panel. The ZoneMaster range of devices has the advantage of remote monitoring capabilities and full module diagnostic indication as well as optional filter modules. The MTL ZoneMaster Pro combines all the features of the "All Mode" into a metal enclosure and...

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The water industry is benefiting from the extension of networks from the control room into the process environment using Ethernet, wireless and fieldbus technologies and the use of latest technology assures availability on water supply with efficiency and quality. Eaton's range of industrial strength networking products are designed to meet the most demanding harsh and hazardous environment requirements in process applications worldwide, with the convenient use of existing Ethernet networks. With many facilities unmanned or located remotely, amongst other applications, the benefits of using...

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"The increasing rise of cyber threats against water treatment facilities has become a major national concern There is increasing awareness within the water industry of the vulnerability of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems to cyber attacks. The move to open standards such as Ethernet TCP/IP and web technologies has seen control systems affected by a growing number of cyber security incidents impacting critical infrastructure. To safeguard your network's critical devices, Eaton can provide a proven solution, the MTL Tofino™, to combat modern...

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Pump station control monitoring in water/ waste-water applications requires a number of differing features that the successful range of RTK critical alarm annunciators offer in various package types. These demanding applications also require a flexible approach to functionality which can be found in the products outlined below. Eaton's world-wide installed base of RTK annunciators in water treatment facilities is testament to the quality and ease of use of these high quality products backed with a five year warranty. The complete range of RTK critical alarm annunicators also meets the size...

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Anaerobic digestion is playing an increasingly important role within wastewater treatment with digester gas being increasingly seen as a valuable commodity that can be used within a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) plant to produce heat and electricity, two valuable commodities in such a plant, or which can be sold to other plants. Digester gas is a complex mixture, comprising mainly of Methane, CH4 (~65%) and Carbon Dioxide, CO2, (~35%) plus other trace gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S. Although the Methane is a valuable fuel gas, both CO2 and CH4 are considered greenhouse gases, (GHG),...

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