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MTL surge protection solutions Protecting operational worldwide Powering Business Worldwide

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Contents Surge protection overview 4 - 5 MTL data and signal protection 10 - 13 MTL network and comms protection 16 - 17 MTL telecom protection 18 - 19 MTL products and 'no fuss' warranty 22 Only Eaton can deliver... • Protection and safety of people and assets around the world with unsurpassed reliability and quality in every product we offer • Industry leading innovation and product efficiency • Product solutions designed and certified for global specifications • Best-in-class, global sales, and customer service teams that provide local support • More than 40 years of process...

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MTL surge protection products, part of Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series portfolio, are closely associated with the process industry along with a strong presence through installed base within the networks and wireless infrastructure markets, which means that we are well placed to support a wide range of industries and applications around the world. Eaton supplies a comprehensive range of MTL surge protection devices offering solutions for all mains power, process control, network and communications, telecom, wireless and RF systems. All of which are designed and manufactured to ensure the...

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Reliability, availability, maintenance, return on assets and surge protection? Surge... tell me more Eaton designs and manufactures a vast range of protection solutions including a comprehensive range of MTL surge protection products for all mains power, process control, network and communications, telecom, wireless and RF systems. Surge overvoltages are simply short duration, high magnitude impulses that exist on all electrical (power and signal) lines for a brief time. Common causes can range from lightning strikes to switching of electrical loads. The common belief among plant managers...

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Over 50 years of experience in the surge protection industry There is an appropriate level of surge protection, that when applied to a plant, reduces equipment failure directly, increases plant availability and indirectly frees the maintenance team up to perform a more proactive role. Improvements can be measured in terms of Return on Assets (ROA) – a key measure of operational performance. Surge protection can lead to improvements in ROA in the three following areas: 1. Direct savings in hardware - reduction in premature failures - elimination of catastrophic failure 2. Increased plant...

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MTL power protection Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes, arc-welders and high voltage cables can destroy or disrupt unprotected electronic equipment. These destructive forces enter mains power circuits within buildings by a variety of methods. By providing protection at the main power distribution board and then at each piece of equipment, mains borne surges and spikes are eliminated before they can cause damage. Power protection is fundamental- our MTL products provide that protection. High quality AC and DC surge protection for commercial and industrial facilities The primary...

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MTL power protection ZoneDefender range The extensive range of ZoneDefender PRO non-modular products have been specifically engineered to be compact, powerful, and feature-rich. They offer cost-effective, high capacity protection along with application versatility. The state-of-the-art circuitry of the ZoneDefender PRO protects equipment from high frequency noise as well as from damaging electrical transients and high-energy disturbances. Meets UL96A requirements for UL master label installations. • • • • • • 0kA to 240kA protection for a wide variety of industrial, institutional and 8...

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Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes, arc-welders and high voltage cables can destroy or disrupt unprotected electronic equipment MA05, MA10, MA15 & MA30 range MA05, MA10, MA15 and MA30 EMC/surge protection devices can be incorporated into, or mounted close to, individual items of electrical equipment, providing immediate local protection against surges and electrical noise. They can also be used in conjunction with the MA3100 range to provide IEC Class III protection levels. Available with either a 5, 10, 15 or 30 amp operating current, come standard with real time status...

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MA3145 range The MA3145 is designed to work as a Class II standalone device. A single module will withstand 40kA (8/20ps). The MA3145 is available in a single module variation for maximum user flexibility, double module width for all mode protection on a single-phase supply and a quad width module for all mode protection on three phase supplies. • 40kA (8/20ps) Class II rated per pole • Three prepackaged solutions; one pole, two pole and four pole • Standard remote indication via voltage free contacts • UL1449 recognised component approved MTL LS range The MTL LS range of surge...

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Induced surges and transient Eaton's MTL surge protection voltages can destroy or, perhaps products provide protection both at more worryingly, render inaccurate the controller and at the field-mounted sensitive control and measurement instrument, with specifically instruments. Control systems, designed devices suitable for all data sensors and telecommunications and signal requirements. equipment may be subjected to a barrage of interference and surges of energy, therefore to disregard the need for simple, effective and reliable surge protection is to compromise the safety...

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MTL data and signal protection MTL SD Modular (SDM) range Based on the proven reliability of the well established MTL SD range, the MTL SD Modular (SDM) surge device brings additional features designed to reduce cost, optimise productivity and increase plant safety. The MTL SD Modular has a compact 7mm footprint, enabling high packing density and reduced cabinet space, whilst providing a powerful 20kA market leading level of protection. Its modular design allows easy maintenance with on-board LED diagnostics prompting operators when replacement of a module is required. This change can be...

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