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MTL HART® connection systems Delivering valuable process data from HART® field devices

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Eaton, a leader in reliability, efficiency and safety MTL HART® connection systems Eaton, with its Crouse-Hinds series MTL product portfolio, is recognised as a world leader in the development and supply of intrinsic safety solutions for harsh, hazardous and industrial environments. Distinguished by its global network of sales and support centres, Eaton engineers and professionals are accessible wherever you are, providing experience and expertise to help solve your challenges. At Eaton, we provide one of the world’s largest portfolio of electrical equipment for explosive, classified, and...

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MTL HART® connection systems - 3 Eaton’s MTL solutions for HART® connection systems include a comprehensive range of reliable products, software, services and training Eaton’s MTL HART connection solutions are designed to optimise productivity, reduce plant costs, increase safety and enable better management of plant assets. We provide the HART connection between your field devices, your control system and instrument management software packages. Our HART connections strip the HART digital signal from the analogue 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control system unscathed) and sends...

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What is HART? Introduced in 1989 "HART" is an acronym for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. HART is an open protocol and makes use of the Bell 202 Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) standard to superimpose digital communication signals at a low level on top of the 4-20mA. This enables two-way field communication to take place and makes it possible for additional information beyond just the normal process variable to be communicated to/from a smart field instrument. The HART protocol communicates without interrupting the 4-20mA signal and allows a host application (master) to get two or more...

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Eaton provide the HART® connection between your field devices, your control system and instrument management software packages

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HART® connections For traditional point to point installations A typical MTL485x HART connection will consist of the following three components: 1. An MTL HART communication board to provide a physical connection - MTL HART connection unit for safe area applications or intrinsically safe backplane for hazardous area applications. 2. MTL HART multiplexer to route the communication between the maintenance PC and the HART devices. 3. MTL HART Backplane to mount the MTL HART multiplexer modules. 1. MTL HART connection unit The MTL HART communication board is the link between the HART field...

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For safe area applications For safe area applications HART field devices are connected to the MTL HART multiplexer via a range of MTL HART connection units, the choice of HCU being dependent on the type and number of the HART field devices. The generic HART communication boards are generally mounted in series to the existing field termination panel, see diagram 1, but in certain retrofit applications they can be mounted in parallel, see diagram 2 - discuss with your Eaton representative which is the most appropriate installation for your application. Alternatively customised HCUs can be...

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When HART field devices are mounted in the hazardous area the HART signal will have to pass through the IS Interface that is protecting the loop. Eaton offer a range of HART compatible MTL zener barriers and galvanic isolators including: • MTL4500 - galvanic isolators - backplane mounting • MTL5500 - galvanic isolators - DIN rail mounting • MTL7700 - zener barriers The MTL4850/51/52 are easily integrated with the MTL4500 range of backplane mounted galvanic isolators; connections and operation of this system is as simple as safe area applications. Many general purpose and custom backplanes...

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Custom solutions Some applications only require the use of a few HART field devices in a single location e.g. pipe line monitoring for RTU’s. For these applications we can mount the MTL HART multiplexer directly onto the HCU or IS backplane. Whatever the application, we have, or can design, an integrated solution to allow simple, flexible and space effective connection to your control system. Installations worldwide show that users everywhere recognise the quality and reliability of Eaton’s MTL integrated solutions. For general purpose applications of up to 32 analogue in or analogue out...

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HART® system overview Integrating devices and systems The MTL485x HART connection system provides the link between HART field instruments, the control system and the instrument management software package. Eaton’s MTL systems strip the HART digital signal from the 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control room unscathed) and sends it directly to a maintenance PC, thus giving access to the benefits offered by the latest powerful configuration and predictive maintenance software. The illustration shows the architecture of the system and how it can be built to monitor either a few devices or...

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MTL4850 HART multiplexer RS485/USB or Ethernet converter Eaton's MTL HART multiplexers enable a communication channel to be created between PC-based plant asset monitoring or control systems and HART enabled field equipment through a simple modular approach. The certification for the SIL3 rated MTL4850 HART multiplexer means that it can be connected to safety related systems in various applications, without interfering with the analogue signals. MTL4850 is the preferred HART multiplexer to choose for functional safety applications and approved to the latest standards of IEC61508....

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MTL4854 multi-modem HART multiplexer The new MTL4854 HART multiplexer has the same 32 channel capacity as the MTL4850 module but includes four HART modems rather than one. This enables simultaneous communication channels to be established, which permits continued monitoring of other field signals even when one channel is being heavily utilised. Typically this would be the case when partial-stroke testing is in progress for a valve positioner. Workstation PC running instrument management software up to 2016* HART® devices The module has the same compact structure as the MTL4850 with 32...

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