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MTL GECMA Work Station - 1

MTL GECMA Work Station CROUSE-HINDS SERIES A new generation, ' built on experience Remote operating I stations for Ex zone 1/2/21/22 Powering Business Worldwide

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 2

Introducing a new and unique modular design concept - the MTL GECMA Work Station - a new generation of remote operating terminals. What’s critical to you, is critical to us. The MTL GECMA Work Station range has been designed to address the environmental challenges of obtaining visualisation within harsh and hazardous areas. Building upon decades of experience and expertise and the significantly large installed base of its predecessor, the MTL GECMA Work Station is packed full of features and state-of-the-art technology. The range includes Remote Terminal (RT), Thin Client (TC) and Personal...

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 3

Our unique modular design concept - key features Display options 19”, 22” & 24” High Definition Custom housings Power supplies AC/DC Unique and innovative platform concept, modular design saving time and cost during installation, commissioning and operation. Lightweight, slimline design for optimisation of space and application. Fibre optic or copper data transmission for cost effective, reliable and increased volume of data transfer. Unique intrinsically safe and *alarm visualisation ensuring safe, continuous operation in the hazardous area. (*RT only) Single line data transmission for...

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 4

Eaton's MTL GECMA RT hazardous area work station is a Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) extension of either a Personal Computer or Thin Client located in the safe area. The MTL GECMA RT provides a user-friendly, near real-time 'plug and play' solution that enables a safe area PC or Thin Client to be remotely controlled from the hazardous area, via a single, point-to-point connection The MTL GECMA RT comprises of individually Ex certified, modular components from the MTL GECMA Work Station range, such as power supply, displays, keyboard, pointing device and mechanical hardware. The simple...

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 5

Eaton's MTL GECMA TC work station is designed for virtualisation applications in hazardous areas, providing a powerful and reliable 'client' solution for integration into a Distributed Control System. The Thin Client (TC) incorporates a Quad Core 2GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and numerous Ex i and Ex e connections and is supplied with a standard 'Windows-based' open operating system and remote-access software. A dual Ethernet port provides redundancy on the network connection, increasing availability of the client on the network. The MTL GECMA TC comprises of individually Ex certified,...

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 6

Eaton's MTL GECMA PC work station provides a powerful stand-alone solution for applications such as packing machines and is specified for use in hazardous areas. The MTL GECMA PC is a powerful personal computer offering flexibility on software and incorporating a Quad Core 2GHz CPU with up to 8GB RAM and up to 256GB SSD. Numerous Ex i and Ex e connections are available, allowing easy integration of locally connected devices into the system such as barcode scanners, card readers or scales. A dual Ethernet port provides redundancy on the network connection increasing availability of the...

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 7

Industries Our customers are usually found in offshore, petrochemical, chemical, bio, pharmaceutical and life science industries, but applications for monitoring and controlling your process in the hazardous area is not limited to these industries. Therefore we offer a wide range of mechanical solutions to provide a safe, convenient and easy monitoring and control of processes in any hazardous area application. For further information about the new MTL GECMA WS range please contact your local sales office or visit The innovative modular design of our MTL GECMA Work Station...

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MTL GECMA Work Station - 8

EATON Crouse-Hinds series The safety you rely on. See the complete MTL HMI & visualisation product portfolio at U.S. (Global Headquarters): Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Business 1201 Wolf Street Syracuse, NY 13208 (866) 764-5454 FAX: (315) 477-5179 FAX Orders Only: (866) 653-0640 For more information: If further assistance is required, please contact an authorised MTL Distributor, Sales Office, or Customer Service Department JAPAN Cooper Crouse-Hinds Japan KK, MT Building 3F, 2-7-5 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0012 Tel: +81 (0)3 6430 3128 Fax:...

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