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MTL fieldbus network solutions CROUSE-HINDS SERIES Powering Business Worldwide

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The safety you rely on Delivering world-class reliability and safety in high consequence harsh and hazardous environments EATON’S CROUSE-HINDS BUSINESS MTL Fieldbus Network Solutions

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MTL is a part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business and remains a brand that stands for safety in the harshest of environments. Whilst we began with the MTL100 series zener barrier, MTL alongside Crouse-Hinds, has grown into the premier name for a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for highconsequence harsh and hazardous environments. As we continue to evolve, so does our brand. Our products are now united with Eaton’s leading range of reliable, efficient and safe electrical power management solutions. MTL has a new look alongside Crouse-Hinds by Eaton, but the products and technology you...

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Fieldbus Network Solutions 4 - 7 Fieldbus Power Supplies Fieldbus Barriers Fieldbus Wiring Components 14 - 17 Fieldbus Diagnostics, Displays & Accessories Fieldbus Definitions Fieldbus Network Solutions Minimising Risk. Maximising Efficiency. MTL, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business is a world leader in the development and supply of system infrastructure products and protection equipment to the Process Industries. As a leading provider of physical layer components for FOUNDATION fieldbus™ networks, MTL has established a reputation for innovative, high reliability products and world-class...

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MTL make fieldbus easy in safe and hazardous areas FIELDBUS... TELL ME MORE FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 provides an open, nonproprietary fieldbus network for control systems and field instruments. FOUNDATION™ H1 is intended primarily for process control, field-level interface and device integration. Running at 31.25 kbit/s, the technology interconnects devices such as transmitters and actuators on a field network and also supports Intrinsically Safe (IS) applications. MTL provides a comprehensive range of power supplies, wiring components, diagnostic tools and displays for FOUNDATION fieldbus™...

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WHY CHOOSE MTL? MTL Foundation fieldbus™ physical layer components make it easy to complete any fieldbus installation between control system and field instruments. Conditioned power supplies, fieldbus barriers and Megablock™ wiring hubs cover every application in safe and hazardous areas, providing the highest levels of availability, whilst maintaining a common architecture that is independent of the Zone or Division of use. The MTL fieldbus range delivers unprecedented value to plant operators, offering flexible and innovative, integrated solutions • First FF-831 registered power supplies...

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Integrated, approved fieldbus solutions MTL works closely with all major fieldbus control system vendors to develop integrated fieldbus power supply systems and compatible field wiring components. Power supply solutions typically support multiple fieldbus segments, and have a direct connection to the host controller via system cables. They provide a range of benefits such as lower engineering costs, faster assembly, cabinet space savings and reduced hardware costs. MTL’s fieldbus power supplies and wiring components are tested and approved according to rigorous control system vendor...

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Achieving high availability for fieldbus systems Fieldbus Power Supplies MTL’s extensive range of fieldbus power supplies covers a wide range of applications in both safe and hazardous areas. Ranging from single-segment units for small-scale installations to high-density integrated power supply systems, each type is designed for reliability and ease of use. Innovation is key to MTL’s development philosophy, resulting in unique products that deliver value to all parties involved in the design, installation and use of fieldbus networks. Large-scale fieldbus networks are served by compact,...

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REDUNDANT FIELDBUS POWER SUPPLIES Ex ic solution now available when used in conjunction with the new MTL F30 Ex ic adapter. For more information see Fieldbus Wiring Components Redundant fieldbus power for FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ systems MTL’s 918x Series Fieldbus power supplies are the first in the market to use an “N+1” architecture to provide redundant power for Foundation fieldbusTM networks, reducing the capital cost per segment by up to 25%. In contrast with conventional redundancy schemes that use power supply modules in a 1:1 arrangement regardless of actual segment loading, the 918x...

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FIELDBUS POWER SUPPLIES Multi-segment power systems Launched as the industry’s first 8-segment fieldbus power supply, the F800 Series set the standard for high-density installation in marshalling and system cabinets. Using a component-free mounting base and unique twomodule redundant architecture, the product line continues to serve applications that demand high system availability. • 1+1 redundancy scheme • On-line physical layer diagnostic option • Full range of DCS integrated versions Single-segment Fieldbus power supplies The F101, F102 and F104 fieldbus power supplies, each provide...

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FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept) POWER SUPPLIES 910x SERIES FISCO POWER SUPPLIES The definitive solution for intrinsically safe fieldbus MTL’s FISCO power supplies have become established as the industry-standard solution for Foundation fieldbusTM installations in which a fully intrinsically safe field network is required. The key benefits of intrinsic safety in fieldbus applications are the ability to carry out live maintenance on any part of the field wiring, and the elimination of complex mixed-protection techniques in the field junction box. The introduction of power supply...

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Modularity Means Maintainability Fieldbus Barriers Fieldbus Barriers A revolution in safety, reliability and maintainability for fieldbus networks in hazardous areas... taking ‘high-energy’ FOUNDATION fieldbusTM networks into Zone 1. Fieldbus Barriers are an effective means of connecting field instruments in Zone 1 or Zone 0 hazardous areas to FOUNDATION fieldbusTM host control systems. They provide the field-mounted interface between the fieldbus trunk and intrinsically safe spurs, allowing heavily loaded segments and long cable lengths, irrespective of the Gas/Apparatus Group. The spur...

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