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When monitoring a fieldbus segment theF809F draws <1mA current from the segment and only The F809F is a F > The Fieldbus Function Blocks supported are: > ten DI function blocks to indicate active alarms; a resource block; one transducer block for system status and eight segment transducer blocks (one for each of the eight monitored segments). The F809F fieldbus device description file enables all the fieldbus physical layer diagnostic data and alarms to be easily integrated into your choice of fieldbus control system. The default alarm limits are based on the fieldbus specification and these are easily user configurable within your control systems instrument management software. This ensures that any instrument technician who knows how to view diagnostic data from a fieldbus device, can already get the full benefits of fieldbus physical layer diagnostics without any additional training. > include the bulkpower supply input voltage, temperature, segment voltages and signal levels of all devices. Average and peak noise are measured in each of three frequency bands. Additionally the monitor checks for short-circuits between the fieldbus signal wires and cable shields. The measured physical layer parameters are used to predict the corrective action required. This allows problems to be rectified before poor network health results in devices being removed from the 'live list', which could affect the operation of the plant. Measurements may alternatively be captured and sent to off-site experts for interpretation. > The F809F Fieldbus Diagnostic Module isavailable as an option for use with F800 Series and some F600 Series fieldbus power supplies. It plugs into the F8x0 or F6x8 Series power supply carrier or F8x8 diagnostic module carrier and continuously monitors the performance of each of the eight fieldbus segments, providing information on the network health and capturing retransmissions between the fieldbus devices and control system. The segment used for fieldbuscommunication monitors the communication of the segments, soit does not need to be considered in the design of the monitored segments. Segment scanning is configurable to scan any combination of the eight segments. The default is to scan all eight segments. is easily configured using theplug-in connector supplied or by specifying when ordering. The options are: communicating on segment 1 or 8 on the power supply carrier or on a separate fieldbus segment. The F809F requires a voltage in the range 932V and draws a current of 15mA on the communicating fieldbus segment. > OUNDATION fieldbus > TM device, andcommunicates with the host control system via a fieldbus segment. This allows the network status and measured parameters to be displayed in the host control system using proprietary instrument management software. > EUROPE (EMEA) Tel: +44 (0)1582 723633 Fax: +44 (0)1582 422283 AMERICAS Tel: +1 603 926 0090Fax: +1 603 926 1899 ASIA PACIFIC Tel: +65 6 487 7887Fax: +65 6 487 7997 May 2007 E-mail: Web site: size="-3">

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Integration options The Fieldbus Diagnostic Module is designed to place a minimalcommunication load on the communicating segment. In most applications the control system is configured to monitor the BLOCK_ERR parameter in the nine transducer blocks (one power supply transducer block and eight segment blocks) in each F809F, typically every 60 seconds. If any transducer block parameter is in alarm the Needs Maintenance Soon bit is set that sets an alarm in the instrument management system. The instrument technician then opens the transducer block and can immediately see which alarm parameter...

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F809F Function Blocks System Data Segment Data Alarm Set Trending of Segment Noise > Part No ConfigurationF809F Communicates on segment 8 (eight) of themonitored fieldbus segments F809F-1 Communicates on segment 1 (one) of the monitoredfieldbus segments F809F-9 Communicates on a separate fieldbus segment > EUROPE (EMEA) Tel: +44 (0)1582 723633 Fax: +44 (0)1582 422283 AMERICAS Tel: +1 603 926 0090Fax: +1 603 926 1899 ASIA PACIFIC Tel: +65 6 487 7887Fax: +65 6 487 7997 May 2007 E-mail: Web site: size="-2">

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